October 5, 2010

Camelot Forum chat

We had a great first online chat session with forum members this morning… We hope to move to a live audio for next time to make it more fluid. But it was fun and hopefully we can do this again soon!

Christopher Story : new site & New Disclosure film…

The following was sent to me by a Camelot supporter:

This is apparently a new film coming out:

Free Screening online now! (link should be working now…)


This person wrote:

Ever Onwards : New Website for Christopher Story (link fixed)

At the request of many of his friends and supporters, a new website has been set up to publish new material relating to the brave and truly remarkable work and achievements of Christopher Story, who died in July.

Site name: www.csonward.weebly.com

Camelot Note: We understand he did not die but has gone off-line under threat of death… and is now under the radar.

Any new material for the site can be sent to [email protected]




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