Michael Tellinger to Join Egypt Tour


July 5, 2010

Michael Tellinger to Join Egypt Tour

I am very pleased to announce that Michael Tellinger will be joining Rebecca Jernigan and I as the 3rd speaker on the Camelot Egypt tour, “on the trail of the Annunaki”. Click here for more info...

Seeking venues in San Francisco and Tahoe for October 3-5, 2010

Anyone who wants to assist us in finding venues for Michael Tellinger, and I, Kerry Cassidy to speak please let us know. We will be speaking at a few cities during Michael’s tour of the USA…including the following cities:



Los Angeles

San Francisco

Lake Tahoe

We will each speak for 2 hours, evenings from 6:30-10:30pm. If you are able to secure a venue and help organize and publicize we will give you 10% of the door.

Contact: [email protected]

or [email protected]

Put the words VENUE in caps in the subject line.

BP OIL Spill more…

One of my Sources on the BP spill noted below has sent the following in his own words. Special note: We do not agree with him that this event was ‘not planned’ … it was planned and foreshadowed as well in the movie KNOWING. I post this here because he is knowledgeable and some of his information could save lives. –Kerry



…”BP’s drilling hit a pocket of methane which reacted with almost volcanic force. This made it impossible for the faulty BOP to deal with following the collapse of the cement casing in the well.

This was NOT a planned event. This disaster was caused by BP not following standard safety procedures after they discovered a serious problem with the Blowout Preventer (BOP) and setting a pace of operation which did not allow the cement to set properly.

The Deepwater Horizon rig (which was on charter to BP at around US$350,000 per day) had a clean safety record for 7 years prior to an inexperienceed deepwater BP drilling manager running the drilling operation on MC 252. It is understood that BP managers were ignoring all the warning signs they were getting from the well. All operations should have been suspended and the BOP removed, examind and repaired. The BP man running the drilling operation on the rig set the pace of operations and overruled all the objections of the experienced drillers on the Deepwater Horizon prior to the rig’s explosion.

I understand that Schlumberger’s well enegineers asked to be removed from the rig several hours before it blew up becasue they saw how dangerous the situation was developing with what BP was doing. A chopper took them off after their head office stepped in and listened to their concerns. Halliburton’s people were also not happy with the speed of the BP operation which was not allowing their cement to properly set. This is well known in the oil industry. Emails between BP and Schlumberger prior to the rig explosion could well prove to be devastating for BP when they are revealed in coming court cases being filed against BP. Executives of BP could go to jail for negligence and corporate manslaughter for their breach of safety rules and standard operating procedures in deepwater which led to the rig exploding and killing 11 men.

BP has opened up Pandora’s BOX on the seafloor 1 mile deep and has no chance whatsoever of containing the situation and bringing this disaster (of their making) under control. The well pressure at MC252 is in the region of 30,000 psi (pounds per square inch) and the oil industry does not have the know how and technology to deal with blowouts under this pressure 20,000 ft below the seabed. This oil and gas will leak for months and possibly years and there is hundreds of millions of barrels of oil and enormous quantities of methane in this field.

BP Plc is finished. They have no political friends in Washington and their cash pockets are not deep enough for the bills they will have to pay. This is especially true for the clean up costs after a hurricane covers the whole area with oil and poison rain. This is only a matter of time before we see this happen.

This is worthwhile watching as oil based rain is already falling on America and a hurricane is yet to pass over the area of the leak;


(I haven’t haven’t seen any major news networks reporting the above which will of course now be entering the food and water chain in the region. Not to mention peoples lungs.)

There are massive plumes of oil (measured in miles) a few hundred meters below the water surface in the US Gulf. Hurricanes can bring this oil to the surface and wash it ashore.

The casing around the well is fractured and oil is gushing in to the formation and is leaking up through the seabed miles away. This will in time lead to a seabed collapse. This ROV footage is very useful to watch inorder to understand how dangerous the seafloor is with respect to the oil and gas leaks;

It is widely accepted in the oil and gas industry that the “killshot” procedure made the situatiuon worse as all the mud which was pumped in to the well to kill it escaped under the massive upward well pressure through the holes in the well casing and then in to the formation. This made the holes even bigger for the oil and gas to flow in to the formation itself.

These wells are known as a High Pressure High Temperature (HPHT) wells and are very dangerous environments when safety procedures are not followed correctly. The current leakage rate is in the region of 150,000 -250,000 bbls p/day at least. Look at the safety case for BP’s block Mississippi Canyon 462 lease (which is the same formation as MC 252). It states very clearly that 250,000 leakage as their worstcase senario for MC 462 in the following publically available BP document a few pages down from the top.


A methane bubble is building up under MC 252. This is not being mentioned outside the oil and gas industry. Richard Hoagland has even spoken about it in public.


The US Gulf (especially Mississippi Canyon) has mud volcanos in the area which BP’s geologists and mangers knew about as did every geologist who knows anything about the formation of the US Gulf of Mexico. You can read about the mud volcano in MC929 which is not too far away from BP’s disaster at block MC 252 (MC stands for Mississippi Canyon).


Anyone living near the US Gulf Coast should move in land asap, and well away from the toxic fumes and oil/Corexit sea. There is a toxic swamp in the US Gulf which is about the size of Scotland and growing everyday. Methane, Benzine and Hydrogen Sulphide are leaking in to the air in massive amounts and this is a killer (as well as Corexit which BP have been using to push the oil under the sea).

Methane in Gulf “astonishingly high”: U.S. scientist – Reuters

These fumes are massively toxic and gas masks are being used on ships and rigs involved in the disaster area. Matt Simmons speaks about this and other serious issues around this crisis;


Matthew Simmons is one of the leading figures in the oil indsutry. He founded the bank Simmons & Co. Please Google his name if you have never heard about him.

There are very wealthy people leaving America right now and moving to their European homes. Are they being privaetly warned? A State of Emergency and Martial Law will be coming down on America to deal with this crisis should the seafloor collaspe or a hurricane covers all the US Gulf’s industrial ports , oil platforms and southern coastal towns with oil and highly toxic fumes. People will die and commerce will come to a stand still around Gulf Coast ports and this will have a huge knock on effect accross America. This is obvious to anyone in the oil industry who realises just how toxic this area offshore (in the US Gulf) has become.

If you are living in the Southern US along the Gulf Coast you might want to move away as soon as possible.

Some interesting links to follow up on;

US in race to unlock new energy source – 2005 warings.

Investigator warned MMS about Deepwater Blowouts in 2009;

BP warned on safety cases in recent years.

–end of Source testimony