July 2, 2010

Shift Teleconference Stream Available Soon…

Never a dull moment. We had an excellent roundtable discussion in the spirit of Camelot with the speakers on our second teleconference regarding The Shift and Current Events. These two teleconferences are highly unusual opportunities to hear well known researchers and experiencers compare notes and talk to eachother about what is happening and where we may be headed. The stream will be available for purchase in the next day or so…

Today’s Camelot Radio Show – not to be missed

On top of that, my radio show with Rebecca Jernigan and Dr. John Waterman today was explosive stuff and not to be missed. The PTB (powers-that-be) took us off the air sometime during the broadcast but we persevered and will post it in total shortly.

Regarding Michael Tellinger and my trip to Adam’s Calendar

Many thanks to Michael and his friends and contacts for making my trip a great success. I will be editing together a documentary of the sites and Michael’s testimony on the history of the Annunaki in the area and the evidence available. These sites go for miles and the short story involves the construction of stones with geomagnetic properties and sound conductivity far in advance in what we know of today (in the public sector). The stone ruins demonstrate the properties of a magnetron and show how sound was used to move the stones in the pyramids at Giza as well as Stonehenge. The results of this discovery are far-reaching and Michael is tapping into a history that Zecharia Sitchin had only begun to contemplate.


Michael Tellinger’s Speaking Tour of the USA

Anyone who would like Michael to speak in their city and who has access to booking venues for a low price please contact Michael soonest at: michael@zuluplanet.com Please put the following in the subject line: Michael Tellinger USA Tour – Venues required.

Dates are: approximate…from 26 Aug – in NY – traveling to the West Coast by September 24th and then on to Kansas by October 23rd. Please contact Michael for more details. The schedule will change depending on the available dates of venues. He will give 10% of the door to any organizer who comes on board per venue.

Special note: I will join Michael speaking at the Sedona, Phoenix and Los Angeles events! More soon on this…

We will both talk for approximately 2 hours.



For those who don’t understand why we are charging money (although it should be self-explanatiory) the speakers all need to be paid (they don’t work for free and neither do you I assume. In addition, Project Camelot Productions, is doing our best to survive at this time on very little… And any profits are sorely needed by both myself and Rebecca Jernigan to make it possible for us to continue to bring you cutting-edge speakers and videos at this time. For those of you who think everything Camelot should always be free…. please rethink this. We are donation based and have no steady income at this time. All my web assistance is done for free.. and those people are struggling to make ends meet. They work for the love of the mission. Most of the ads you see on the site are free ads for friends done in service to them to assist them with their work. After 4 years of operation, I have no reserve and little to fall back on to pay travel or living expenses. Consider the hundreds of hours of video we provide for free… in reality… while I will continue to make new videos free of charge I reserve the right to make enough money to survive and continue to make this work possible.

‘nough said.