Statement by Kerry Cassidy re the removal of comments from Ashayana’s video

June 10

Statement by Kerry Cassidy : Regarding the removal of comments from A’shayana’s video

As many people know I was asked by James of Wingmakers to remove the comments made by A’shayana Deane in her video interview with regard to Wingmakers. This is a highly unusual situation. In fact, I don’t recall it ever happening before to any Camelot video.

The issue here is complex. As a filmmaker and investigative reporter, it is inevitable that various people I interview are not all going to agree. In fact, many people in this sector don’t like each other or have huge issues with the writings and viewpoints of every other researcher/experiencer. As a filmmaker/journalist I have a choice as to who to interview. I welcome bringing forward differing points of view because this widens the playing field and allows people to use their own discernment when considering all sides of the story.

Unfortunately, the line between attacking someone and voicing a difference of opinion or criticism is very thin and often wavering. In this case, the information regarding the Wingmakers has been excellent. We did a written interview with James a couple years ago and I believe it contains a great deal of wisdom. By the same token, my recent interview with A’shayana Deane is also, in my view, an excellent presentation of her material, from her sources. Both James and A’sha are speaking for their sources who, are off-planet and may inhabit other galaxies, dimensions or levels in this vast complex of multi-verses. They are both speaking from their hearts, believe what they are ‘getting’ from their sources and are working to convey their information for the betterment and upliftment of humanity, and they are both very passionate light warriors for their cause.

At the moment, we have warring factions on this planet between ETs, humans who are “us” in the future, extra-dimensionals, intra-dimensionals, discarnate beings and so on. In the midst of all of this, we at Camelot are endeavoring to bring forward what we consider the best and most important information we can find, regardless of the source. And this is crucial.

It is not enough to simply counsel people to KISS (keep it simple stupid)… We need thinking beings actively engaged here on planet Earth if we are to survive the coming changes. I encourage everyone to consider opposing points of view regardless of where they come from… simply because in doing so your powers to discern will grow. This is, in my view, the best way to learn.

As a filmmaker/investigator of this multi-verse and matrix I firmly believe in pushing the envelope. I am well aware that our witnesses (as I call them) often see things very differently. This is the point. It is in viewing the vast aspects of creation that we begin to learn what it means to be a creator.

The comments A’sha made in my interview are not complete in that, as she explains, she was about to, at the time of this interview, go into a workshop where she felt she would be given more extensive information with regard to the Wingmakers. What is not clear, is whether the Wingmakers she is referring to are indeed the same Wingmakers as those talked about on the website or whether A’sha and James are talking about different groups of beings.

I have received many emails asking why the comments A’sha made have to be removed… is Camelot bowing to the pressure of “interest groups”? Actually no. But I choose not to get involved in a legal battle either. And so, under the circumstances, with no clear indication as to whose source is more right than the other and because I firmly believe both A’shayana Deane and James of are coming from the heart, I am removing the offending statements. This is not, I wish to state, however, how I would recommend they deal with their differences.

I have asked both of them to:

1. Engage in dialog either in public or in private to discuss their differences.


2. To make public statements as to their viewpoints on this matter, which I have agreed to post fully, without editing on this website.

From my pov, what is most crucial at this time is for differing factions to begin talking to each other. The time for secrecy is over.

This is a time when uniting toward a common goal (the upliftment or enlightenment of humanity) is crucial. Lightworkers or Light Warriors as I prefer to call them, need to unite and begin to work together. People who represent various ET and humanoid/human races need to openly discuss their differences. We can only benefit by more openness and full disclosure… The truth is out there and inside each of us… and we need to confront our differences with love and understanding. Only then can we begin to move forward to build the new future that awaits us.

Kerry Lynn Cassidy
Project Camelot 
June 10, 2010

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