Dear Kerry and team,

Let me commend you and your team for the great work that you all undertake.  I am from London and wished to share some information with you.  Every evening a helicopter comes above where I live with my girlfriend. Before we hear it, a pulse or a wave seems to pass through our bodies. Immediately, my muscles in the neck tense up, and I start to have mild dizziness and a sensation in the head that one feels when talking on the mobile phone for a while but multiplied many times over.  As it leaves, the sound of the copter is still ringing in our heads for a while after and the next day we develop a rash akin to eczema. Whatever it is, it seems to strip our immune system in some way and leave us feeling like empty shells.  I do not know why they are doing this to London and what their agenda is. It has been happening for years and I had to tell someone about it.  I hope you can investigate and spread awareness about this matter for the good of us all.  I found that sitting under trees seems to reverse the damage caused by it all.

Your anonymously. Xx.