Several months ago we interviewed Peter Sterling. Due to sound issues we did not release it at that time. I have since found a work around that has eliminated most, though not all of these issues. This interview took place on the beach, hence the sound of the ocean became problematic. Upon Peter’s request I have now re-edited it and am releasing it here for the first time.

Due to the subject matter which concerns his encounter with 2 gray aliens during an Ayahuasca experience, we have included a cautionary note at the beginning of the video, reprinted here as well. While, clearly, Peter has the best of intentions, it is not at all certain that the information you are about to hear, is the truth.

A Project Camelot Production

Special note:

Project Camelot does not agree with the message
contained in this video. Due to problems
with sound we have hesitated until now to release this
interview. At Peter’s request we are releasing it now for
viewing. We encourage you to use discernment when
watching and remember that often, the Grays use screen
memories and have an agenda behind their actions.

We release this interview at this time as an investigation
into the nature of reality and one person’s testimony to
his experience.

We also cannot recommend use of Ayahuasca nor do we
reject it.

Kerry Lynn Cassidy
Project Camelot
May 2010

Peter’s site:


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