May 11

From a Source – Attack on Tehran

["US Black Ops unit hit in Tehran, Iran just four hours ago. I doubt that it will ever see the light of day, but the 5 man team went in on a reliable source on a location of POI #1. Team was prepping for a raid on a compound just north of the city limits, when their safe house was hit by a large contingent of soldiers. These men will never be known, never be recognized by the US, never see their homeland again, and will be forgotten. They were among the best that we have to offer, no ranks no unit, no branch of service. Just five men, somebody's son, brother, nephew, uncle, dad, boyfriend or husband. These men should not be forgotten. Do with the information as you see fit, but respect the men, and respect the job they took on. Thank you. "]

This information has not been confirmed or verified.

Another Source – on SAP

According to another source from inside the military of a "friendly" country (to the U.S.) I understand that the SAP DRMIS or MASIS software is being rolled-out across the globe for keeping track of everything from troops on the ground to nuts and bolts being distributed and allocated to each country. This is further confirmation of the cementing of the NWO. Word is that they are implementing this worldwide, deadline: 2012.

More Giza News and Confirmation Something is Happening…

According to a tip from still another source, I got the following very hot info (paraphrased to conceal their identity):

"…A friend of an unamed military enlisted guy was being sent to Egypt because of a heat signature registered in the "top room" of the 'major pyramid" — apparently, according to him, an area that no one had access to. The source went on to say that he found it interesting that the U.S. had surveillance on the internal structure of the pyramid but he was informed that he should not be surprised, the U.S. has bases everywhere. The most stunning thing is that this room not even the U.S. has access to and neither does anyone else and yet there was this heat signature…And mention of an "entity". This friend was deployed a few days ago with some special forces to Egypt. Apparently between roughly April 22-23 when that unknown entity appeared and today there has already been a full scale operation dispatched. That is, they are saying, very quick work for the military."

I remote viewed that "room" at the top of the pyramid after hearing this news and clearly saw a very tall being, dressed in gold, wearing a bird headdress and the name I got was Ibis. On consulting our friends at the Giza Geomatrix I was informed, that that is Thoth. Looks like there really is something going on at Giza beyond stealing antiquities and treasure.

Stay tuned for my 2nd interview with the Giza Geomatrix team. They are also investigating the shaft being dug near the paws of the Sphinx and the disinfo surrounding that activity…Click here to see the video of what may well turn out to be the excavation for the Hall of Records.


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