April 1

Recommended TV: V

This is, according to Ashayana Deane's Voyager books…how future earth may look if we are unable to wake up enough people and change the consciousness level sufficiently to enable activation of at a minimum the 5th strand of DNA… This activation affects the planet and opening the ascension pathways from 2012 to 2017. According to this material, a crucial time for the planet. In the future earth, if this does not happen, we are looking at a scenario like depicted in V.

What is interesting is that the time traveling future humans (like say, Roswell) would have come from this future, a place where humans are ruled by Zetas and Dracos. Those future humans, are looking to create a hybrid zeta-human race that will be able to live on Earth during that time… and be easily manipulated to that agenda. The abductions are part of this.

The thing is, the key to determining a human from a V is one thing…. emotion. How you handle emotion. Emotional intelligence is one of the keys to ascension by the way. And masking, acting one way while feeling another. Covering ones feelings and acting "nice" and always being "pleasant" this is a real bell ringer for the V type person. Those who have been taken over, move among our society using this key lack of emotion in all their dealings. Worth considering.


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