Barcelona, 26 July 2009

Project Camelot interviews Dr. Steven Greer. Please go to to read some important context before you watch this fascinating video.

Special note: This is not a conventional interview, but a contentious frank exchange of views. It is a debate on a very important subject. For those of you who prefer to hear more from Greer where he is uncontested we encourage you to visit his website or watch other interviews on YouTube.

Our approach in this interview is purposeful and we do not apologize for insisting on sharing equal ground with Greer to discuss this important subject. –Kerry


— “The fact that you and I are still breathing the free air of Earth is abundant testimony to the fact that these civilizations are not hostile.”

8 August 2004

(–must listen–)

29 June 2009

Dr Steven Greer of the Disclosure Project is almost too well-known in the UFO research community to require an introduction. His ground-breaking Press Conference, in Washington in May 2001, was one of a number of influential factors which inspired us to found Project Camelot five years later. Our intention was to support his initiative and add further momentum, and information, to the disclosure moment at a grass-roots level.

Yet, all was not well. Whenever a correspondent wrote to Steven Greer asking him about Project Camelot, they received a standard letter back from his office stating that Project Camelot was disinformation. And despite being extremely accessible on the UFO Conference circuit over the last three years, we had never once had the chance to meet or speak with him.

Since we were all attending the Barcelona Exopolitics Summit in July 2009, we were looking forward, at last, to the opportunity to talk. More than one person in his entourage was also supportive of our meeting, as they themselves had been following Camelot’s work for long enough to know that our intentions were honorable.

However, Steven Greer ignored us, and declined to appear at the pre-conference panel discussion which we had been specifically invited to Barcelona to moderate. Disappointed, we attended his main conference presentation and heard him state explicitly (as he has done on many public occasions) that all the ET visitors were friendly.

In response to this, we made a statement on the ‘What’s New’ section of our site, making clear our disagreement and that this unilateral position was, in our informed opinion, dangerous and premature. We had only weeks previously been explicitly told by Dr Pete Peterson that most ETs were friendly, but some were not, and that was the main reason why he continued to do work for the US Government. We spent two full days talking with Dr Peterson on this and other subjects: his statement was compelling to us, and rang true.

Click here to listen to an important four-minute extract:

After we had stated our opinion on our site, we were approached by Dr Greer’s PR representative and were informed that he would do an interview. What you see here was hastily arranged, for which we apologize. We needed to catch the moment while it was available.

What you will see in this 70 minute video is an impassioned, articulate and intelligent discussion which has as its central theme the most important question that may be faced by the human race: Can we trust ALL the visitors to Planet Earth? To risk a simplistic paraphrase, Dr Greer says Yes, and Project Camelot says Not Necessarily.

The debate is well-informed and vigorous. We thank Dr Greer for appearing with us, and he gave a good account of himself. And so did we. Enjoy… and we would like to emphasize again what we stated clearly in the video: that none of us can know with certainty the agendas of all the many visiting ET races, and to presume that one does may be irresponsible and premature. Informed by what we know, we stand by that view – and we look forward to further discussion as more information continues to become available.

To contact Bill Ryan or Kerry Cassidy, please e-mail us at [email protected].


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  1. I thoroughly enjoy both perspectives of this topic, but I am not at a point where I can definitively say “yes this side is right”. I am a fan of Project Camelot as well as The Disclosure Project. But I think it will be helpful to mention (I know that this video is over 10 years old) that this interview is difficult to watch.

    1. Even if you disagree with your guest, they are still your guest and you should show them a little bit of respect.

    2. I found the interview got heated for obvious egotistical reasons which is very sad because it could have been handled so much better.

    3. The awkward bickering and patronizing of each other was… embarrassing to be honest. And it totally distracted from the entire point that either of you were trying to put forth.

    4. You complained about Dr Greer interrupting you, but you were interviewing him, which usually means he gets to finish his sentences, but he rarely did because you guys also constantly interrupted him.

    5. Basically you could tell right off the bat that there was hostility coming from both sides, but if you’re the host, usually you bite your tongue so to speak and at least listen to what the other person has to say, whether they are being rude or not. Dr Greer was rude at times as well, but if you’re the host, you don’t stoop to their level. And to be honest I found he was actually being much kinder than Kerry. Kerry seemed to have a very personal vendetta against him and she seemed very enraged by anything he had to say. The whole video was just very childish and seemed like a waste. I was thoroughly looking forward to seeing a respectful discussion of both sides understanding and respecting each other’s differences. And instead it was this…

    I do enjoy most of what you do! But ya… this was an unfortunate one. Hopefully criticism is taken in kind on this platform. I don’t mean to hurt anyone’s feelings. Just giving my honest opinion as a viewer. 🙂

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