A Personal Commentary
on the Information


A number of people have written to us asking for our views on the information presented by our multiple witnesses. We're delighted to present a summary here. It contains the most recent information we know, at the time of writing (9 July 2008).

In sequence of the interviews:

Mr X, the UFO Archivist:

He recounts his experience (working in a vault for six months in the 1980s, archiving large quantities of documents, photos, films and artifacts). We subsequently introduced him to the well-respected Majestic Document researchers Dr. Bob and Ryan Wood and filmed their long conversation with him for the record, with the agreement that the video would not be published. Much of what he related coincides with information in the Majestic documents in a striking way.

Bill Hamilton:

Bill Hamilton is a well known and veteran researcher, highly respected and unafraid to enter controversial areas. He covers his fascinating personal encounters with human-appearing ETs, time travel and his remarkable personal interaction with UFOs in the sky.

Gary McKinnon:

We've kept in touch with Gary since Kerry met with him in London in June 2006. He's had a tough ride. He is clearly being singled out by the US government as an 'example' to others. What seems clear here is that the US Government's intention to see him locked behind bars is evidence both of their fear of disclosure and also the likely truth behind Gary's claims.

Clearly, Gary's discovery of off-world fleets and evidence of the secret space program is a real not imagined threat that strikes at the heart of their wall of secrecy. We strongly suspect he is holding out with enough evidence to bring it all out in the open – should his appeal be denied. However, we know no more than what he related to us during this interview. As we write this, his final appeal against extradition from the UK to the US is being considered. We encourage everyone to visit his website and show their support for this brave man.

Dan Burisch:

We probably get more messages about Dan and his detailed, complex, important testimony than any other of our witnesses. It will be worthwhile to spend a little time on his story here.

There are a number of sites on the internet that are almost rabid in their criticism of Dan. Some individuals seem to spend most of their lives attacking his credibility (and one has to wonder who is paying them for this apparent full-time job!). One also has to wonder why they focus so much of their attention on him in particular.

When we met Dan for the first time, in July 2006, he showed us certain documents, not in the public domain, establishing his ID and bona fides. There are reasons why these are not publicly available, and we were asked to sign an NDA (a non-disclosure agreement).

He also showed some of those documents to Rob Simone on stage in his live interview, before an audience of 300 people, at the Laughlin UFO Conference on 1 March, 2008. Rob examined the documents in public view, nodded in understanding, and then continued with the interview. That was a very important thing to happen publicly.

We’ve met them privately on a number of occasions, the last time (as we write this) being dinner in early April. Before that, we’d met them for five hours on 10 December 2007 when Dan told us all about 'Timeline 1, variant 83' after his discharge from a several-month long classified project in which he was out of communication with us and everyone else except Marci for National Security reasons. The fact that he was indeed incommunicado we can attest to personally.

For more on this, see our important report on Timeline 1, variant 83 here, and our equally important 5 June 2008 addition to the What’s New page here.

That this is interesting material, vital to understand, is an understatement. We encourage you to take eight very worthwhile minutes to see this short video, which is a clip from a security camera in Dan’s office (posted by Marci with his permission) showing Dan’s evident, very real anger and frustration at some things that had been happening. He was unaware that he was being recorded at the time. The sincerity of his emotion is striking and compelling.

The important part of the details of Dan's testimony were independently confirmed by our insider source Henry Deacon – who had not previously heard of Dan. This is extremely important, as Henry was able to support the more challenging parts of Dan's testimony: that we had been visited by time-traveling future humans, that resulting from this there were difficult and complex problems with entangled and overlapping timelines, and that there were major threats to the human race in the relatively near future.

Henry also knew something about Stargate technology, though he stated he did not recognize the Looking Glass technology as described and drawn by Dan, and nor had he encountered Majestic (MJ-12) in his career – at least by that name. This is not unusual.

It's important to note that Henry Deacon, like many whistleblowers, had his particular level of clearance within the areas in the black projects on which he worked. While he seemed to cover a wider area of information to which he was exposed, his clearance like others only went up so far. Judging from the nature of Dan's role within Majestic or the Committee of the Majority over the years, it is likely that Dan was exposed to higher levels of clearance and was dealing with the very highest levels of authority within the Secret Government.

Dan has made an open commitment to us and others that he will always answer all questions honestly to the best of his ability except where he is not at liberty to reveal information due to his level of clearance and signed non-disclosure agreements. It's significant that he says that Majestic is currently made up of different individuals than when he was involved – the changing of the guard happened a short while ago. Dan himself has been 'retired' and is now able to pursue his work on Project Lotus full time.

It's important to keep in mind that when someone who has deep security classification retires from either one of the alphabet agencies or another group from within the secret government, they can be re-instated at any time (even, some would say, against their will). In Dan's case he was "called back in" over the summer and early fall of 2007 to assist the new group on various matters – including new information learned from 'the Orion Cube' or some similar type of time-portal device – in ways that that he was uniquely qualified to do due to his relationship with the P-52k J-Rod known as Chi'el'ah. We do not know all the details about this. We can say that not all the information we have received from Dan has been published.

For those wrestling with the details of Dan's complex testimony we would like to state here possibly the most important single piece of information: that the 2012 pole shift, suffered by the future humans in their history, has now been averted due to the decommissioning of the Looking Glasses and Stargates. We believe this is credible and important and Dan himself certainly believes this.

Some people point to aspects of Dan's testimony that seem to contradict what others have stated. One obvious example is that Dan says he knows of three visiting species (all time-traveling future humans) together with one interdimensional species about which he knows very little. On the other hand, Clifford Stone has stated that he knows of 57 different visiting species, while Henry Deacon told us he was aware of "over 40".

We see no contradiction here. Dan is simply reporting what he is aware of or had been briefed on. There's not much else he can do apart from report what he knows.

Our point of view is that the true number of visiting species is probably closer to Clifford Stone's figure (or even greater). Dan is unwilling to do is to speculate on what he has not himself encountered.

John Lear:

John is a wonderful storyteller and researcher, and has both courage and great style. His personal accounts of his experiences with Bob Lazar strike us as being very authentic. He has the courage to buck the system and take the heat for his very controversial views.

We were very lucky a few weeks ago, when Henry Deacon sent us a stream of 32 e-mails while he was watching our most recent four part John Lear video from beginning to end in real time. Henry told us that John was “80% right” in what he was telling us – which is highly significant, considering how extreme some of John's material is regarded by many.

Henry did not comment at all on the moon’s gravity or atmosphere, and told us that John's holographic WTC planes theory was incorrect, based on Henry's own first-hand experience (see below). He was not disrespectful of John's opinion, as Henry knows that this holographic technology does exist. Concerning most of the rest of John's material, Henry said it was “good guesswork”. Given the range of topics covered John covered, this is an extremely important endorsement.

Henry Deacon:

Much has already been written about Henry on this page. We know him well, have met with him many times, and have spent dozens of hours in focused personal conversation with him. Because of his unusual 'black projects' role – which in the civilian world would be called project management – he was in a position to know a great deal about a significant number of topics, projects, situations and locations. We consider him to be a values-driven, modest, and brilliant man.

The overall importance of Henry's very expansive and far-reaching testimony can be summed up as:
He confirms Dan Burisch's information on time traveling future humans, and problems with parallel alternate timelines.
He has told us that the real problem for the human race in these coming few years is that there is a great deal which is converging upon us all at the same time.
He has urged us to "find a safe place" and prepare ourselves for difficult times to come – starting soon.
He has sat in on meetings in which large-scale depopulation, using stealth pathogens (engineered viruses) was discussed, and insists he was given the Report from Iron Mountain to read as a briefing document.
He confirms that 9/11 was a "inside job", and was working in the location from which the operation was controlled.
[Last and not least!] Henry has spent time on the largest of the several Mars bases.

As with Dan, when we met Henry for the first time, he showed us documentation supporting his ID and place of work. We know his real name, his address, and his date of birth. He is exactly who he says he is.

Because he has spoken out so much and in so much detail, Henry is currently constrained in meeting and speaking with us, and has been coerced and threatened (although not overtly harmed). It's unlikely that we will ever be able to do an audio or video interview with him. If we were to be able to secure and present a video interview, however, he would be probably be regarded as one of the most interesting, intelligent and persuasive of all our witnesses.


Ralph Ring:

Ralph Ring spent a great deal of time with Otis T. Carr nearly 50 years ago when Ralph was a young man in his twenties. Although there are some details which he simply cannot (and cannot be expected to) remember, his story is fascinating and compelling and contains some of the most important clues about 'free energy' ever made public.

Because of this, Ralph spent years in relative obscurity after the FBI came in and forcibly closed down their research facility in which, among other things, they had built a full size 40' diameter flying disk that they successfully 'teleported' to a location about 10 miles away. When they approached General Motors in Southern California with plans for cars that would be able to hover above the ground and would not need wheels or petroleum-powered engines, they were told unequivocally: "If you put 'em up, we'll shoot 'em down."

It's important to know that Ralph was not a trained academic physicist: rather, he was a brilliant intuitive experimental technician. The phenomena he describes are for others to model with physical and mathematical principles. Ralph does not pretend to do this.

Since our August 2006 interview Ralph has been invited to speak at a number of conferences. In the first of these, at Laughlin in February 2007, he received not one but two standing ovations. He now has a small and highly skilled team around him which intends to replicate Otis Carr's research.


Michael St Clair:

Michael St Clair has a background in the Swiss Military and investment banking and is a master astrologer. He consults some very high level clients in regard to the changing economic picture as well as in personal matters. When we filmed him in September 2006, this was Project Camelot's first step towards presenting things from a more philosophical and metaphysical point of view. We have recently (May 2008) recorded a second 'Futuretalk' with him (the first was with David Wilcock) which has been very well received.

Michael's principal message is that we are indeed headed for turbulent times, but that this will be evolutionary rather than destructive. His views are compatible with those of George Green, who claims to be in touch with various ET races including the Pleiadians (or more accurately, the Plejaren)… whose information relates to what people should do in preparation for riding out the coming changes and surviving the challenging tines ahead.

Michael is in touch with his own interdimensional contacts and has written three books revealing his unique view of the future: Zen of Stars, Foreseen and Light Seeds.


Duncan O'Finioan:

Duncan was part of the classified US military program to build a "new species" of Super Soldiers, combining enhanced psychic abilities and abnormal physical strength – programmed as assassins and used in covert operations since early childhood. Duncan is a wounded warrior who has suffered considerably as a result of his courageous revelations to us during his two hour groundbreaking interview.

In Duncan's case, we have independent corroboration from another witness, David Corso, who came forward and confirmed Duncan's amazing story of his experience as a child-assassin in the jungles of Cambodia where he and a group of children joined hands and projected their minds as weapons killing everyone within the vicinity. We recognize, of course (as does Duncan) that there are many important details which Duncan cannot remember. We are considering doing another interview with him, together with another whistleblower in the same military program who has recently come forward to support Duncan's prsonal testimony.


Gordon Novel:

Gordon Novel has been involved in Watergate, Waco and numerous other flashpoints in US history. He is working with a faction within the CIA to develop free energy and get the planet off its dependency on carbon based fuels. Although we were in close touch with him for much of 2006 and early 2007, we are not currently up to date with the status of his RAM project (based on the Alien Reproduction Vehicle, a reverse-engineered craft). Gordon has his own website where he can be contacted.


Clifford Stone:

Clifford Stone is a deeply caring man of great courage and personal integrity. During our interview he revealed some things never before recorded about his experiences as part of a classified US military team whose job was to recover crashed extraterestrial vehicles, and his personal interaction with the beings that survived. A true American patriot, he has been hounded and heavily monitored by the government for his ongoing revelations and efforts to get the truth out to the world about the ET presence. He is a natural intuitive with a very highly tuned sense of purpose and is dedicated to the evolution of humanity.


David Corso:

In a unusual synchronicity of events, Duncan O'Finioan encountered Dave Corse as an adult many years after he had been involved with a secret government assignment – where, as a Super Soldier, he apparently worked with or even for this man. Now the closest of friends, both share common recall of incidents that were wiped from their memories only to resurface when they met and started comparing notes.

Corso's military role was in some kind of supervisory or command capacity, but he does not have access to the details. He shares with us his current recall of when and where he saw Duncan for the first time, and the fragments of memories of their encounters since then. What is clear is that he and Duncan were both part of an MKULTRA-type effort on the part of the secret government to create and maintain an army of Super Soldiers and programmed assassins.


David Wilcock:

David Wilcock got in touch with us immediately after he came across our Henry Deacon testimony. In what he considered an astounding synchronicity, he found that the information we related from Henry coincided perfectly with his own deep insider contact he refers to as 'Daniel'. David told us that Henry was presenting information that he, David had learned from Daniel but had never released publicly.

Among much else, Henry referenced David Wilcock's and Richard Hoagland's work and David had immediately realized that Henry's testimony about Montauk (and Mars) were in total support of the testimony by Daniel. David talks at length about what he learned from Daniel in Part 2 of his interview with us.

David has become an enthusiastic supporter of Project Camelot and many people who regularly visit his site Divine Cosmos now regularly visit ours.

Our four part interview with David was our second excursion into the esoteric, although David – who has a brilliant mind – is also an instinctive scientist of the most inspired kind. His views differ from ours in some respects, and this was the basis of the very well received 'Futuretalk' conversation between the three of us.


Jim Sparks:

We first met Jim when we were invited to speak at the small conference in Rachel, Nevada in April 2007. While Camelot has not strongly featured reports from abductees and 'experiencers', we felt that Jim's multiple-abduction story was so conscious and detailed that we wanted to investigate further. We found in conversation with him prior to the interview that he clearly had been given information about humanity's possible future, and it was clear to us that this would be worth recording on camera.

The nature of his testimony is extremely hard to evaluate objectively, but we must state that Jim is sincere, has certainly experienced everything he describes, and has done a heroic job in trying to make sense of it all to present it to the world. He is passionate about saving the Rain Forest (a legacy of his abduction experiences) and is currently dedicated to that cause.


Bill Holden:

Bill Holden is an experiencer who flew as a crew member of Air Force One during the Kennedy and Johnson administrations. He had the opportunity to talk with JFK in person on the subject of UFOs and ET visitors, and he relates this fascinating anecdote in our interview.

What is also significant is that Bill was on several occasions shown various extraordinary events and situations – such as a UFO emerging from the ocean near Hawaii, and a meeting between military officers and a group of aliens in deeep in a remote box canyon – possibly in a planned effort, among other things, to see the effect of these kinds of startling revelation on various chosen individuals.

Recently, in April 2008, we reconnected with Bill in Las Vegas and introduced him to Jim Sparks, who also lives there. We had the good fortune to film an impromptu conversation between them where they compared their various experiences in a fascinating personal exchange.


Bob Dean:

Bob Dean is the elder statesman par excellence of ufology, and is an ex-military man with impeccable credentials. Our interview with him is absolutely not to be missed and we fondly regard him as a 'one man disclosure project'. His experiences during the Cold War, as part of NATO and based in Europe, indicate the level of exposure to which the military was involved in both sightings of craft and direct contact with aliens. He continued his own research into the subject after leaving the military and became a well known and highly respected speaker on the 'UFO circuit'.

In spite of the many interviews and lectures he has given around the world about his experiences, our interview stands as one of the most revealing and stunningly personal he has given. We are honored to have been given what is very likely to be the last to interview by this truly great man.


Dan Sherman:

Dan Sherman was genetically modified while still in his mother's womb to be part of a team of 'intuitive communicators' – that might be called upon during a future catastrophe when (as he was told) "all electronic communications would be rendered useless". He relates his experience of being selected then trained to communicate with an ET via a computer terminal and aided by complex biofeedback protocols. His interview covered all the ground in his short but important book Above Black.

One thing to keep in mind is that since Dan opted out of the program, as a whistleblower, his actual role during a grid shutdown is likely to be in question. He may well now have been relegated to being simply a highly intuitive member of the masses. However, it occurs to us that his voluntary withdrawal from the program could have been orchestrated from a higher place than from the military/ET level of his original programming… in which case the question to ask may be what new role might he play in the future, should these anticipated events transpire.


Richard Hoagland:

Richard is an accomplished presenter and a master of his own data. A regular contributor to Coast to Coast AM, he is very much at home in front of a microphone or camera. What sets our interview with him apart is that he covers many areas he has not dealt with on 'Coast', including his take on the ET role in creating us, and where our ancestral race may have come from…

We believe his work is important and deserves great respect. Regarding the Apollo moon landings, Henry Deacon's version of events differs somewhat: Deacon says that most of the Apollo missions did go to the moon, but that some details were filmed on a stage set and that the successful missions were only possible using extraterrestrial technology incorporated into the Apollo capsule and LEM (Lunar Module) – due to the interference of the Van Allen Belt and other factors.

It seems very clear to us that a number of the well-known Apollo lunar images were fabricated on Earth as part of an effort to deceive the public and hide what they actually may have encountered on the moon. Richard's images – of what appear to be glass domes on the moon – deserve serious consideration, while other questions remain.

A number of people have asked us why in our three-part interview we didn't cover what Richard described as "The Magicians", or hear more about Gene Roddenberry. The simple answer is that we just ran out of time and tape, but of course this gives us a good reason to return. Moreover, Richard has also stated clearly that he has not told us all of what he knows.

Finally, we should say that we are delighted to be in touch with Dr. Ali Fant, the former NASA spaceflight controller who was the author of the very extensive, detailed and supportive Amazon review that Richard cited at the very end of Part 3 of our interview.



Traveling to Russia and meeting the 12 year-old Boris Kipriyanovich was one of the highlights of our time working together on Project Camelot. Being the first Western journalists to interview Boriska on film was a real scoop and made for quite an exciting trip. 'Boriska' is a fine soul and although he's going through a lot of the changes natural for a boy of his age, he still managed to convey the essence of his inner world along with some of his astonishing visions of what might be coming in the future.

As a follow-up to our interview, we highly recommend this long article by Gennady Belimov, now translated into English for the first time. Comparing our interview with Belimov's report, the place Boriska is now in is clearly different than when he first came into the public view at the age of seven. Older and more wary of the world, he is now less forthcoming – and his memories of his prior lives have been somewhat diluted by the louder more demanding present in which he finds himself.

Boriska holds a special place in the hearts of many who write to us, and understandably so. As an Indigo child and beacon of hope for the future, we look forward to being a part of the world he will one day guide along with many of the growing awakened members of humanity who are also his age. It will not be long before we will see whether his vivid catastrophic vision, involving a continent affected by water, will materialize, as he predicted, sometime during 2009.


Benjamin Fulford:

Like many others, we read with great interest the strong and clear statements made by Benjamin Fulford on Jeff Rense in the summer of 2007. What struck us was his lack of pretense and the serious nature of his important message of warning to the Illuminati. We felt we had to meet the man in person in order to investigate the real nature of his claims. We took a great chance to fly to Japan and meet face to face with a man standing up to the Powers That Be with such a clear-sighted sense of purpose.

Our interview gives the viewer the chance to see up close the man, his history and the reasons why he firmly believes he has the backing of the Asian Secret Societies in his compelling call for peace. As it stands now, we are unable to evaluate the impact on the Rockefeller faction or the Illuminati in general of Benjamin's statements and requests, nor can we know how realistic is the description of real retaliatory power by the Asian Secret Societies of which he is the spokesman to those paying close attention in the West.

The story continues to unfold. The very least we have done is encourage Benjamin to continue, and the most we may have done is to bring his message strongly home to those who we know are monitoring our work closely; to this end, we may have been able to use this surveillance to good effect.


Luca Scantamburlo:

Our experience with Luca cannot be discussed without also debating Planet X, possibly the biggest bone of contention among all our material. We're often asked what we think of the evidence he provides, especially as Leo Zagami states clearly that Cristoforo Barbato (whose evidence Luca represents) was the victim of a Jesuit sting operation and that no such threat exists.

We can best reply by first stating as a fact that Luca reports he has been threatened and intimidated since the publication of his interview with us, and has now not only withdrawn contact but has also ceased his research into the area. We do not know exactly what happened, but clearly something has. This is not to be dismissed. We sincerely hope to resume contact with Luca in the future should circumstances permit.

Second, we agree that there is circumstantial evidence, also not to be dismissed, that a major unknown body in the solar system exists – possibly a small 'brown dwarf' star and maybe heading inwards on a long, inclined, elliptical orbit. Henry Deacon confirmed to us personally that he had heard about such a object, classified as secret, when he was working for a spell at NOAA.

We are not so sure that this object, if it exists, represents a dire threat. That evidence is more based on the work of Zecharia Sitchin (who himself states that Nibiru, if this is what 'Planet X' is, will not be returning for several hundred years). We believe there's a huge amount of hype about this subject on the internet and much (but maybe not all) of it can be discounted as being groundless.

It must be clearly stated that the testimony about Planet X (just four words: "Planet X is coming") from our Norwegian Politician source is not reliable, and he has since confirmed that to us. His personal experiences with the underground bases we believe are very real, but the Planet X connection he made was a conjecture based on a conversation he had had and one or two things he'd read and heard about.

It was not solid experiential testimony. In short, we are no closer to knowing as reported fact the real reason for the underground bases all over the world… though we are certain they exist.

If Planet X is indeed real, it should become visible in about a year's time (mid-2009) in the Southern Hemisphere, in which event the Powers That Be will not be able to silence the voices of thousands of amateur astronomers in dozens of countries. So we are watching and waiting with great interest…


Leo Zagami:

We recorded Luca Scantamburlo's and Leo Zagami's interviews almost back-to-back (after traveling from Italy to Oslo). Although Leo refers to ETs and interdimensional entities as "jinns" it is important to keep in mind that he views them from the perspective of a magician highly immersed in the language of the occult. Leo, like everyone, has limits to his conscious knowledge. He does not know what he does not know.

At one point, Leo states that the Planet X Jesuit Footage was given to Cristoforo Barbato as clever disinformation by the Vatican, which has, in his opinion, a vested interest in promoting this story. The agenda behind such a campaign is not apparently clear other than to classify it under the general topic of promoting chaos and, maybe, distracting researchers from what may really be afoot.

It was clear from our meeting with Leo that he was energetic, animated, passionate and extremely well-informed about the inner workings of the Illuminati and the Vatican. But since our interview, a number of events occurred which significantly changed the situation. Leo's wife Fatma Suslu left him, taking with her their son. Leo was charged with abuse and was temporarily imprisoned by the Norwegian police.

Upon his release, he subsequently traveled first to Rome and then to the US, where he reported he was now working with the CIA and had been subsequently reinstated as the head of the Monte Carlo Lodge. In addition, he claims to have established what he calls "Liberty Lodge", has a quasi-militia group under his command, and is answering again to the Illuminati and the Vatican. This is an important change from whistleblower to re-avowed member of the very group he had originally rebelled against, and which had brought him to our and many other people's attention in the first place.

We are saddened by this reversal and are aware of some of the demonic forces which are now dominating his life. We wish to distance ourselves and Camelot from him at this time under the present circumstances. Soon after arriving in the US he published a series of interviews. At least one of these interviews was so vicious in its tone that we felt obliged to make a public statement of concern (What's New, 19 May) stating that we could no longer support his stance on that and other matters.

We have had a glimpse of the true nature of this fine soul back in Norway and because of that we wish him well. For this reason, also, our interview with him remains on our site and is freely available on the internet. We look forward to a time in the future when Leo will again free himself from the chains under which he labors and comes forward as the truth-teller we know him to be.


Project Camelot
9 July 2008