On Thursday Feb 14th @ 7pm PT – I interview Dale Harder who claims to be a Pleiadian.

See bio below.

Short Form Bio of Wm. Dale Harder Jan 2019

Wm. Dale Harder

Born Jan 21, 1955  Grew up between Huntingdon TN and Cleveland OH.

Scientist/Engineer/Laser Electro-optics Specialist.  Worked for NASA Lewis/Glenn Research Center and Honeywell Aerospace Center  Aircraft Div.

Own Two companies:

H & H Research (Laser company)  www.hhr-lasers.com

HHR Exotic Speakers   www.hhr-exoticspeakers.com  (Audio Spkr Co.)

Attended:  Ohio State University, Cleveland State University, Case Western Reserve University.  Involved in UFO’s/Spirituality for 60 years. Professional UFO Investigation for 43 years.  Member/Officer for Cleveland Ufology Project  (Oldest UFO cub in the world)  Started by Earl Neff  1952

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