I interview Michael Henry Dunn at 1pm PT on Friday, January 18th.
Michael Henry Dunn, author, actor, musician and activist, will be sharing his views re “Geo-Political Ramifications and Prevention of the Implementation of 5G – Waking the public up to the nightmarish 5G scenario is essential if we are to prevent the implementation.”
…”The reality (or delusion) of the 70,000 sealed indictments, supposed restoration of the Republic, Global Currency Reset, take-down of the pedophilia network, etc., as it relates to meaningful activism against 5G.”
See link for more info: www.michaelhenrydunn.com
Bio:  Michael Henry Dunn is a human rights advocate, scholar, author, musician, and a globally recognized commentator on issues of human rights and the restoration of the Rule of Law. As a member of Self-Realization Fellowship, he has practiced meditation for some 30 years, leading meditation and chants at spiritual centers worldwide – stories woven into his book, “Romancing the Divine – The Art and Science of Falling in Love with God.”
A recognized authority on the Shakespeare authorship issue, he has lectured at universities in the US and Europe on Elizabethan literature and history.
As a composer and vocalist, he has recorded two highly praised albums of devotional Yoga chant in the kirtan style of India.
Embracing Sacred Activism as his credo, Michael is currently a leading spokesman for the establishment of a new global court of human rights. Recognizing the urgent need for a revival of the spirit of Chivalry expressed in Sacred Activism, Michael lectures publicly worldwide on Sacred Activism, human rights, and the restoration of the Code of Chivalry. He is the founding director of The Sacred Academy of Geo-Energetics, or SAGE, based in Crestone, Colorado.

Interview Bullet Points:
  • The Corporate Media push for 5G – and the Huge Toxic Effects (see this link from a NYT article on New Year’s Eve: www.nytimes.com/2018/12/31/technology/personaltech/5g-what-you-need-to-know.html).  Also, see this Congressional testimony by Dr. Sharon Goldberg, an internal medicine physician & professor who here gives her testimony regarding 5g technology dangers specifically involving electromagnetic radiation (links to be posted or screen shot as you prefer during interview: youtu.be/1Qt5B39LB7c ).  Symptoms include increased risk of diabetes, memory loss, decreased brain function, retarded learning, neuro-degenerative disorders, hormonal imbalances, melatonin suppression and sleep disorders, immune disregulation, cardiac and blood pressure issues, increased risks of leukemia, increased risk of brain tumors, and much more.
  • The 5G Low Orbit Satellite Network – A Prison in the Sky – Details on the plans to launch thousands of low-orbit satellites to blanket the earth with 5G in the next two years.
  • Protection Against 5G: Hard evidence on the amazing protective and purifying effects of Shungite as applied to EMF, 5G, WiFi, etc., with links to the work of Nancy L. Hopkins, whose U.S. Army service focused on WiFi as an energy weapon, and who then turned her work to protection and healing. Shungite is found in abundance in only one spot on the planet: near the small village of Shunga in western Russia near Finland, where the Russians have been using its healing and purifying qualities since Peter the Great. It is speculated that the substance is extra-terrestrial in origin, possibly from a meteor impact.  Here is Nancy’s website and a link to her YouTube on Shungite: www.cosmicreality.com/   YouTube: youtu.be/pmx8Xru0I70  Astonishingly, shungite has also been shown to prevent Bee Colony Loss, and to markedly increase the production of honey, new queens, new swarms, etc.  See this further link: youtu.be/UfYpe82v48U
  • The 5G Crisis in the Context of Ascension – The push for 5G and the low-orbit satellite blanket may well be a final push by the NWO to put a permanent electronic clampdown on the global freedom movement. As we know, they are well aware of the fact that consciousness and the collective free will (or lack thereof) of the human collective are the true levers of change on the planet – or of permanent oppressive control. The Internet is now flooded with toxic disinformation and fear-mongering meant to increase the likelihood that humanity will be diverted to the NWO timeline. I would like to touch on ways we have been researching which utilize mandala meditation to lift the internet above the narrow fear-dominated bandwidth to a “diviner” level. This may sound far-fetched, but is worth exploring. I will provide a link to a pdf during the interview,  founded in the remarkable life-long work of Rev. Maia Kyi-Ra Nartoomid: newearthstar.org/about-maia/ who is the Prioress of the Johannine Templar Priory of the White Stone here in Crestone. This dynamic essentially comes down to what I would call Organic Intelligence versus Artificial Intelligence.  The Ascension dynamic empowers organic intelligence (OI) to transcend and absorb AI, keeping it in check and in service to human freedom.
  • Geo-Political Ramifications and Prevention of the Implementation of 5G – The Trump circus, as you probably know, has pulled a curtain over many damaging developments as we are all focused on the bogus Russia-gate story. Waking the public up to the nightmarish 5G scenario is essential if we are to prevent the implementation. Here we could touch on the reality (or delusion) of the 70,000 sealed indictments, supposed restoration of the Republic, Global Currency Reset, take-down of the pedophilia network, etc., as it relates to meaningful activism against 5G.
  • And yes, I have a book to plug!  I published a devotional memoir, “Romancing the Divine – The Art and Science of Falling in Love with God” which is available on Amazon. This shares my awakening to a Divine Mother-centered path through the teachings of Yogananda, and my experiences with his direct disciples.  I will have a copy to display. This goes to the heart of my work and of the Templar legacy: in defending Gaia’s children, we are defending our Mother, and keeping the path open to Sacred Union.

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