Someone or group has attempted to assassinate Peter Paget, someone I have interviewed in person and who speaks yearly at my Awake & Aware UK conference.  Thankfully, he escaped in time.

On Aug 3, 2018, at 6:25 PM, Peter Paget <> wrote:

01,51  05/08/2018 To interested parties and Directorate Q from NAIG Intel Directorate.    Restricted. (De-classified) 
For the record the assassination attempt on Dr. Peter Paget on the evening of Thursday 2nd August 2018 FAILED.  The attempted high speed ramming by the black BMW was out manoeuvred by Paget (a trained and experienced pro active driver) and no contact was made by the offence, which missed despite resorting to driving the wrong way around a round about in the vicinity of the A3. It was noted by Paget that the prior surveillance white BMW was late in positioning and the black BMW miscalculated the hit by half a second resulting in a separation from contact  at approx 90 degrees by 4 feet. Having ‘clocked’ the white Beamer the event  horizon was advanced by half a second and defensive MO was in train prior to the attempt. The stunned response of the operative was amusing, however the incident is noted for the record and ‘rules of engagement’ applied and remain in force until further notice. 
All public engagements are cancelled and defensive protocol 63 is in place. Any engaging operatives are on notice that countermeasures will apply. 
This is an official WARNING. Cease and Desist. NAIG Central Directorate has been informed and an official complaint has been lodged. No further action is deemed necessary. We have had this before and those attempts also failed. You have to get up very early in the event horizon to catch out an old fox. Don’t try again, someone could get retired. Bless! See “Secret Life of a Spook” available via Kerry on Amazon Books. 
Central Command Inner Keep NAIG.             RESTRICTED      Code Yellow.
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