I talk with David Curtis, author of 9 books about his own spiritual journey.  His books cover various aspects of his journey including time spent with Krishnamurti, analyzing the work of Jung and much more…

“I have recently self-published my own accounts of UFO contacts in the context of Jungian mythology: The Luminary is Coming: A Vision of Rebirth – Jung Avatar: Biographical Myth – One Mind: nonduality notebook, 2015 – Amazon Books. I consider myself a ‘public intellectual’ – SUNY: Stony Brook, comparative religion/philosophy, 1960’s, and this is the first time I am divulging my work after 50 years of in-depth research.”– David Curtis


David Curtis :  Biography

             1945-1960: childhood, Oxford

             1961-1964: high school, New York State

             1964-1968: SUNY: Stony Brook, Long Island, NYC: Philosophy, Comparative Religion

             1968: Attend SUNY: New Paltz, near Woodstock: Fine Art

             1969: Banbury Art School, Oxon

             1970: Lived next door to Lama Anagarika Govinda, Almora, India – study group

                       Visited ashrams and temples in Himalayas

             1971: Entered silent order of Anglican monks, Crawley Down, Sussex: studied Christian mystics

             1971: Attended Krishnamurti conference, Brockwood Park, Hampshire, and each year until his

                       death in 1986: conversations with Prof. David Bohm, and ‘shared’ experiences of a spiritual

                       kind with Krishnamurti

             1976: Member of Religious Experience Unit, Manchester College, University of Oxford: attending 

                       seminars on mystical experience

                       Join Society for Psychical Research


             1989: Resident in Institute for Psychophysical Research, Oxford: Celia Green, author of seminal       

                      ‘Lucid Dreams’ – parapsychological studies


             2007: Cited in Prof. R. Main’s Revelations of Chance, SUNY Press, Albany: unpublished

                        manuscript, The Synchronistic Continuum.






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