This article covered the significance of the Palmyra site and the plans to resurrect the stargates in London and NY (now seemingly foiled) however this is worth watching closely.


And significantly in this show Jo Ann Richards relates comments made by Captain Mark Richards about what might be behind the illuminati drive behind having the duplicate archways (or stargates) erected in New York and London.   Go to minute: 8:12 approximately to hear the info.  Note:  Mark quotes standard well regarded sources one after the other while carefully constructing a case leading you down the road to what he really means to convey.  He does not come out and tell you (in his writings that Jo Ann is reading from) exactly what he wants you to know.  This is obviously to protect his own and his loved ones lives…

At one point he says they will be doing this around the globe more often.

The point here is that it is further evidence of the obsession with the return of Marduk the Anunnaki king that the dark side pays homage to.

“Michael Snyder of End of The American Dream Writes “But these are not the only two giant arches that are going to be made. That same article from the New York Post says that the Institute for Digital Archaeology ultimately hopes to put 1,000 of these arches in cities all over the globe…”–

However, due to pushback the one in NY was cancelled… And the one in London was supposedly only an archway at the end of a colonnade not the original copy of the Gate of the Temple of Baal… Still the point was made and this does not change the intent of the worshippers of Marduk… Indeed the archways look very similar anyway so who’s to say they aren’t both intended as stargates… And this leads to the question just what is the Arch of Triumph if not a stargate as well.  As the Arc de Triomphe in Paris is a SUNGATE… Go here for Wayne Herschel’s take on this:

I recommend listening t Jo Ann Richards show weekly on Project Camelot TV Network for more ‘clues’ from Mark Richards containing truths carefully woven into the various articles Jo Ann Richards is reading.

Go here to read more writings by Captain Mark Richards:

Highly recommended.

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