I interview Laurie MdDonald, Hypnotherapist and researcher with a great understanding of the overall ET/MILAB abduction/ Contactee phenomenon.  And she has had her own ET experiences.

Short Bio:

Clinical Hypnotherapist, Laurie McDonald of True You Hypnotherapy, winner of Sacramento’s “Best Of” hypnotherapist three years running and founder of the Sacramento Alien Abduction & Contactee Support Group. One of California’s largest UFO and abduction group meetings.

She is one of 27 listed on the MUFON mental health referral list for regression hypnotherapy for alien abduction, and is a consultant to the research committee for FREE (The Edgar Mitchel Foundation for Research into Extraterrestrial Encounters) and is member on the Board of Directors for the organization OPUS (Organization for Paranormal Understanding and Support). Laurie has facilitated a number of experiencer events and is a lifelong experiencer herself.

Kerry Cassidy is the CEO/ Founder of Project Camelot. Kerry is a documentary filmmaker/investigative journalist and well known host of Project Camelot TV broadcasting weekly live shows on Youtube.  PROJECT CAMELOT  http://projectcamelot.tv aka projectcamelotportal.com  –  is a leader in the alternative media sector, with a Youtube channel that has over 62 million unique viewers worldwide and over 230,000 subscribers. Kerry travels the world conducting interviews and documenting the testimony of whistleblowers with above top secret clearances as well as authors, researchers and experiencers covering conspiracies, the secret space program, black projects, ETs, kundalini and ascension and free energy. She speaks at conferences around the world and is considered one of the leaders of the disclosure movement.