New information coming from a healer/source has revealed that I do not have a pinched nerve!  But instead the nerve was interfered with by a scaler weapon formation sent by the dark side to prevent a 4th interview with Captain Mark Richards and the formation of my Camelot TV Network. 

While I am healing more every day and hope to be back online in a few days it is important to know where this ‘health issue’ I have been experiencing came from.  As a healer myself, I am acutely aware that any issue is a two way street.  I facilitated this happening by allowing my defenses to be down due to overwork and stress.  So I take full responsibility in my side of this equation.  I am now fortified and can fight off this type of attack.  But I do want to state that this information resonates fully with what I have been feeling and seeing.  I believe the objective of this attack was to kill me.  

They will not be successful.  I am not leaving the planet until I decide to leave.