Apparently the pilot being ‘locked out’ of the cockpit is not true…  And of course the latest nonesense about the co-pilot being a Muslim convert is typical NWO spin.

Go here for the facts about the crash:

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…”Beyond all doubt, the fighter aircraft were responsible for this crash and whoever ordered this crash wanted the bodies erased. This is why the fighter jets did not shoot the plane down even though they were clearly responsible for it’s demise. If they had shot the plane, it would have fallen in large pieces and would have had the bodies be intact. By using remote to crash the plane after a full throttle dive, they ensured a perfect crash scene with obliteration of evidence.”–Jim Stone

 Both my prior articles are worth reading for important clues also pertaining to the crash.  So far, no one else seems to have picked up on the employee linked with Booz Allen Hamilton…


It goes without saying that the co-pilots actions are those of a controlled Manchurian Candidate but there is more going on here when you look closer at the passenger list. 

The employee, Yvonne Selke requires special emphasis:

…”The Associated Press reports that Selke was a “longtime and highly regards employee” of Booz Allen Hamilton, the strategy and technology consulting firm. The AP says that she worked on the company’s contract with the National Geospaital-Intelligence Agency in the Pentagon. According to a March 2013 press release from Booz Hamilton, the firm had a $315 million contract with the Department of Defense. In a brief statement upon learning of her passing, Booz Hamilton said she worked with the company for 23 years. “

We know the Illuminati will take down a plane to get rid of one person… this has been confirmed by more than one source.  In fact, recently Mark Richards stated to me that he would never fly commercial if he was released from prison, because they have no compunction about taking a plane full of people down to eliminate one person.

Booz-Allen Hamilton is the same firm that employed Snowden and the Vice Chairman is Mike McConnell head or former head of MJ12-also known as Psion, former head of the NSA and former U.S. Director of National Intelligence.

The question is what was she involved in and what did she find out that she shouldn’t know?  

TWO LINKS TO WHAT THE NGA DOES…  at least what they publish that they do.  This is a highly secretive intel agency about which little is publicly known.

More regarding Yvonne Selke:

…”Previously, she was involved in creative projects with the Pittsburgh Fringe Festival and wrote for student music blog The Correspondence. She even dabbled in the Drexel Paranormal Investigation group.”

And…according to ABC News, Booz Allen Hamiliton has removed more details about her work from their website:


Further details about Yvonne Selke’s work for the secretive Pentagon agency were not immediately available. Most information about her assignment and contact information had already been removed Wednesday from Booz Allen’s internal network.

Why remove details about her work from their internal website?


While the theory expounded on by Mike Sparks (see the article linked below) may also have some weight, at this point all actions are strategized using AI and more than one target would be likely to be involved in any direct public action taken.


Kerry Cassidy

CRASH OF FLT 9525: Manchurian Candidate