Recently I interviewed Jef Harvey and a former black project scientist about his work on water that is called at least on the Jef tech website:  H302 or EZ water…

As I have been told, and it is important for people to realize, that science at the present time cannot prove (or disprove) that the water they are selling is in fact what is called H302… because the science (at least in the public domain) can not prove it.  However, it has been designated with that name because it most closely seems to behave like what is “known as” EZ water or Water H302.  

Many of the investigations on water have been done by a number of scientists and perhaps the most well known is Jerry Pollack:  

A 20 minute Ted talk by Dr. Gerald Pollack, where he explains his findings step by step and in an easy to understand way. The Fourth Phase of Water: Dr. Gerald Pollack at TED

Dr. Gerald Pollack books:

And his books on Amazon:

It is important to be aware that they are not claiming the water sold on will cure anything. However, there is anecdotal information from users that it cures cancer, liver and kidney disease and  more.  The reason among other things that you can’t claim it cures anything is that we (that is, mainstream science) cannot explain where “cures” come from and they cannot prove how a person heals.  Evidence is that a person ultimately CHOOSES to heal themselves.  The method they choose is up to them.  

What is evident is that MANY THINGS cure cancer or act as CATALYSTS for cure but ultimately it is the individual that ACTIVATES OR AUTHORIZES any given substance to heal them.  

This relates to WATER, EZ WATER also known as Water H302.  Because WATER is so complex that scientists are not able to fully explain or even photograph a single water molecule (from what I understand).  And humans are approximately 98% water…. Therefore if you extend that you quickly realize that humans are not fully understood or measureable or quantifiable in their affect on water or anything else.  

If you listen to this video on Water:  you learn that water records or gets imprinted with information and restructures itself based on the humans in proximity with it… This has to be key in understanding healing properties of water and how they could change.

The information we have is that Water H302 or EZ water, gets structured (for instance in Yosemite or rivers from ice flows etc.)  and then retains it’s form regardless of whether you boil it or expose it to other influences.  What we don’t know is how much that type of water changes in being exposed to human beings who we are told contain Water H302 — that is said to be the type of water of which we are made…

  (see below for links with further investigation).



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I never thought that there’s a lot of things to consider the way how this water is said to cure diseases. Nevertheless, people already claim about how they were cured by this liquid. I think this is a matter of giving benefit of the doubt whether you will believe it or not even if there are evidence of how this kind of water heals diseases.