We are in need of Donations to continue this work…  

Some people may wonder why we need donations.  Some people may not realize that I work on Camelot every day, rain or shine and even when I am out having fun and talking to people… What am I doing?  Taking about matters to do with Camelot.  And what is Tommy my webmaster doing?  Working on Camelot, behind the scenes keeping this site online, developing back-end applications and fighting against government and agency attacks so I can continue to write and publish articles, do investigations, contact sources, put Roundtables together, interview whistleblowers, authors and contactees when appropriate, produce my radio show, make DVDs of our work for when the grid goes down or the internet is no longer accessible,… create new ideas for changing the world and bringing people together and so on… 

While I need to be writing the Camelot book, I am so busy generating content for the site and youtube channel with what is currently going on I hardly have time to catch my breath.

Lots of people have no idea why I am going to Malta (because I have been invited to do a presentation at the Body, Mind and Spirit conference)… And we are shooting a short documentary and doing prepatory investigation leading to taking a tour there in October.  I am paying out of my own pocket to fly me and my camera man there.  We are staying in Malta and for most of the time a very generous person is giving us a free farmhouse to stay in…  Why am I investigating Malta? Because I have been told in a download that this is a place where secrets are held.  Secrets surrounding the fall of Atlantis and the Knights Templar and the Vatican… Important secrets worth investigating.

I will be on the radio from Malta and broadcasting updates as well as on Malta radio and TV spreading the word about what is really going on here on Earth beyond the Matrix.  I will be looking for whistleblowers and investigating the secrets hidden there. Because I am there in person, people who would not otherwise go online or approach me in any other way may feel free to reach out to me.  This is what happens when Camelot travels the world.  People with stories to tell and sometimes whistleblowers, come forward.  This is what doing Camelot work is all about.

There is nothing more important than waking up humanity and I and a small group of people around me are dedicated to doing that.  We are the sentinels and avantguarde … We stand all along the watchtower broadcasting the comings and goings of the Illuminati and the dark forces as well as trumpet the light.  

The question is, do you stand with us?  Because in order to do this work we need to pay our food and rent and travel expenses.  And travel is necessary when you are reporting from the trenches the true story of what is really going on…

That is what we are doing and why we ask for your support.  This is not a game and I am living on my small savings and raising money by speaking whenever possible.  We are out here on the front lines fighting for your freedom, putting ourselves in danger and fighting for the future of humanity.  All along the watchtower and out beyond the Matrix.

If you value our work please consider donating…


Setting up a radio and TV network online:

We are currently programming (thanks to Tommy our webmaster) and for developing both a radio and TV online network.  At this time, in order to go live we will also need someone to handle the day to day Operations of the channel.  Please send us your resume if you feel you have the background to hande this job: