OK… this is really fun and interesting.  Let’s take two recent very earthly examples of some strange happenings… and go from there.

1.  GRAND PRIX – UK  –  it seems that the scandal at the Grand Prix is that tires on the cars are exploding.. not once but many tires… and no one can explain it.  Never happened to such a degree in the past but it is happening now.

2.  WIMBLEDON – UK – I hear that tennis players are falling down… not once but several times… again not a common occurence.  

Now two seemingly unrelated news items have triggered a sense that a feeling I have been having (and a few friends) lately is that there seems to be something going on with GRAVITY and our contact with PLANET EARTH! 

In essence, I often have the sensation lately that I am FLOATING or GLIDING along when walking or sleeping… and doing things like suddenly feeling like loosing balance when standing with your feet flat on the floor 🙂 and then misjudging distances like dropping things (which I never do!) and no I am not drunk or dazed and confused… on the contrary.  I am crystal clear… in my mind while this is all happening.

Comparing notes with a few close friends I am hearing they too are experiencing this reality in a different way… 

What I think is happening is similar to what might happen if we suddenly had a loss of gravity (like on the Moon) and tried to act as though it was just the same amount of pressure as usual when in fact it isn’t.  And this leads to sudden sense of losing the ground… over or under estimating distance or nearness of objects… LIKE WE ARE WALKING ON THE MOON… here on Earth.

Just some thoughts on the ‘unbearable lightness of being” or as it happens the real and bearable lightness of being… that moving into 4D brings with it.

What I also see is that dealing with this reality is requiring a different approach to handling problems and issues when trying to arrange things or set dates etc.  It’s all about FLOW… just a good thing to keep in mind moving forward.  

Some music to flow by:

Police: Walking on the Moon


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