I apologize for the delay in posting the space photos (now posted below) of the 3 incoming objects per my prior post.  I am working with my web team to get these posted here.

In the meantime, according to my source:

They wrote:  What you want to examine is the blue lines that highlight the objects. There are 3 photos that display the objects incoming and a focused blow-up of one of them. Note  that there are scattered reflections taken by the camera…so only the bright blue sphere is the ‘real’ one and the others are artifacts of how this was done.  The size is huge.  You can duplicate this yourself off of the urls in the photos.

Estimated distance is 80 light years away…

Note:  Photos now posted. CLICK photos to view full size!


wwt060409 260137


wwt060953 241026-a


wwt061507 205618-2


wwt061810 210532-1

wwt062515 192606


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