Referencing my previous post where the following announcement was made:

I wrote:  And according to the following article the U.S. now has ample reason for stationing ships and rolling out drone surveillance…

Two American warships were headed to the Libyan coast in a precautionary move. The U.S. launched a wave of unmanned drones to patrol the skies over eastern Libya to search for terror camps, while an elite team of Marines is also being deployed to the region to safeguard Americans.   Read more… 

Here is an article from detailing how Israel is one of the leading manufacturers of drones.  Evidence mounting that the riots and attack on the Benghazi consulate was a carefully manipulated event that resulted in the death of Ambassador Stevens, 2 Navy Seals and an Information Technology officer.

The work has paid off when it comes to drones: The Jewish state is the single largest exporter of drones in the world, responsible for 41 percent of all UAVs exported between 2001 and 2011, according to a database compiled by the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute. Israeli companies export drone technology to at least 24 countries, including the United States.

Whereas, I have not seen the entire film that supposedly caused the riots, I did take a look at the short version or trailer on Youtube… And it is so bad I could barely watch for longer than a few minutes.  Seriously, if anyone can make a dreadful movie and get people to riot over it regardless how how nonsensical then the human race is in big trouble.

What is much more likely is that this is simply some kind of planned operation using CIA or other agents (Mossad?) in order to raise emotions and stimulate mob psychology… Sadly the Muslim populations seem especially vulnerable to this type of manipulation.  Might I suggest a mass distribution of the Project Camelot website url to begin raising their awareness on how those in power use mind control to manipulate humanity…

Regardless, the overall approach appears to be for the PTB working to create a basis for a religious war in the Middle East,.. Muslim vs. Jews and Christians… by laying the ground work and inciting incidents such as the Benghazi one.  You take a virtually undefended, unguarded quasi-consulate, send in your agents provocateur and create an international incident giving the U.S. an excuse to send in drones and war ships…  Call it a religious war and suddenly we have the groundwork for Armeggedon.  Of course, this is 2012 and ARMAGEDDON is a top line item from the Illuminati playbook.

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