I was sent the following from someone who calls himself ‘John Galt‘… which I believe comes from Ayn Rand’s book…

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A massive solar flare is about to cause an electrical event beyond your imagination. This is the same electrical event that carved the Himalayan mountains. I have attached an article describing ley lines and dragon paths. Hundreds of new skyscrapers have been built around the world to catch the atmospheric electricity and disperse it into the ground. This is why the Pyramids were built !!! They grounded and dispersed electrical discharge. This is what mosques and temples were built for. Why do you think mosques are covered in gold and have tall thin spires around them ???? (SEE ATTACHED PIC). Why do you think skyscrapers have spires that are so massive. They are not radio transmitters. They are massive electrical grounding structures. Chemtrails are currently being used to insulate the earth’s surface from excess ionization above the ionosphere. Just think about what your seeing. The USA’s electrical grid and power outages are at an all time high (it’s not caused by old infrastructure as the media propaganda would have you believe). A solar flare is about to cause a disaster beyond your imagination. What do you think the GOLD BALL AT THE VATICAN represents ??!! (SEE ATTACHED PIC). Why do you think the aurora is getting lower and moving toward the equator. The sun(son) is returning. WAKE-UP. Just look at the new skyscrapers being built. Most completion dates are 2012. Most start dates were 2001. There is a reason for this. Talk to an electrical expert if you have to. Where do you think all the knight and dragon myths came from. Chemtrails are our shield, skyscrapers are our swords. Why do you think China built 1000s of pyramids in 5000BC. They knew thousands of years ago and they know now.  Since the year 2000, thousands of skyscrapers have been built to absorb and disperse most atmospheric electrical discharge. What you call the illuminati have known this for eons. JesUS, YaWEh died on the cross. Most of WE US died on the cross going through the photon belt. The ionized space will charge our sun and atmosphere to an incredible level. Aurora is Athena is Minerva (she was born from Jupiter’s head). She was born to fight for Zeus (Jupiter). Our aurora is Demeter who is the reaper. She was Jupiter’s aurora which interacted with a solar flare thousands of years ago. The aurora will be so intense it will act like an ARC welder (Noah’s ARC, the ARC of the covenant). The electrical arcing also occurs under ground. It actually will melt through rock and cause volcanic activity and earthquakes. This is the real reason for the increase in earthquakes. They are actually underground electrical explosions !!! This is what caused Japans tsunami. This is actually how HAARP causes an earthquake. This electrical energy is also how the human race will become free of fossil fuel. Your scientists will finally be allowed to use it to create free energy. Pandora’s box will be opened. – “John Galt”



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