As you will have seen, this new site is still UNDER DEVELOPMENT in several areas.  We are now looking to add team members for the new site in several areas:

1.  Quality Control/Proof-reading – expertise with Joomla and site project management with special ability in the Quality Control and proof-reading/testing area.  Must have excellent attention to detail.  

Basically we need someone who can go through the old sites and make sure nothing has been left off the new site.  And then make sure everything on the new site is tested and works including players, links and page layouts.  Note:  this job does not necessarily have to be someone with coding skill just the ability to make “to do” lists and make sure the other team members make the fixes.

If you have this ability and the time to devote please contact

2. Sales & Management for Online Store – we need someone to find like-minded companies with green products and positive life style products including survival kits to sell through our online store.  We are hoping to generate a revenue stream from this that will help us pay our web team members and keep Camelot afloat!  Commission based.

3. Design for videos :  We need someone with superior Joomla design skills to create a layout for videos (see layout at ) to make finding and searching of videos easier and more user friendly.

Please contact :

Please put WEB TEAM in all Caps in the subject line.

Kerry Cassidy is the CEO/ Founder of Project Camelot. Kerry is a documentary filmmaker/investigative journalist, author and well known host of Project Camelot TV broadcasting weekly live shows on Youtube.  PROJECT CAMELOT aka  –  is a leader in the alternative media sector, with a Youtube channel that has over 800 video interviews over past 15 years, plus 5 years of radio show interviews and over 65 million unique viewers worldwide with over 247,000 subscribers. Kerry travels the world conducting interviews and documenting the testimony of whistleblowers with above top secret clearances as well as authors, researchers and experiencers covering conspiracies, the secret space program, black projects, ETs, kundalini and ascension and free energy. She speaks at conferences around the world and is considered one of the leaders of the disclosure movement. Kerry’s book, “Rebel Gene: Secret Space and the Future of Humanity” documents her trip down the rabbit hole and years in Project Camelot.