April 24, 2011

Refresher Course: The Two Factions (there are more) – reposted here from Rumor Mill News

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Whereas some of this information is somewhat simplistic and does not address the power behind these groups it is worth reviewing….Addtional note: I do not agree with all the info presented there!

Accurate chart of ownership of the Fed: www.save-a-patriot.org/files/view/whofed.html

Bottom line as it relates to the article I wrote yeasterday, is about who owns the Federal Reserve, which relates to the article below and the mission of the White Hats:

“One of the hidden truths that the founders of Rumor Mill News revealed to a large audience in 1992 was that the Federal Reserve Banking System in the United States is NOT owned by the United States government. It is owned by international bankers who have their headquarters in the “City of London”, which is a separate part of London…”

And at this point you would need to also include our information from the Anglo-Saxon Whistleblower: click here to read more