November 12, 2010 – Update

Wayne Madsen on Alex Jones says Missile was Fired from Chinese Submarine

Youtube link here

CHANDRA – Nasa Announcement coming Monday

This announcement is “…to discuss the Chandra X-ray Observatory’s discovery of an exceptional object in our cosmic neighborhood.” Click here.

Today’s Radio show with Scott Stevens:

Highly recommended. We talk about weather modification, what’s coming, the use of the ether by the secret gov to modify weather, chemtrails and Ormus and the higher self and the changes


Paul LaViolette on MSNBC re superwave

From a source:

Subject: MSNBC of Paul LaViolette regarding galactic superwaves and the Fermi bubble discovery

Dear All,

Here is a link to view the MSNBC interview of Dr. LaViolette appearing today on the MSNBC site. He discusses the Fermi bubble discovery and how it may be understood in the context of the galactic superwave theory.


If you haven’t seen our Camelot interview with Paul LaViolette I encourage you to click here