March 14, 2010

Clark McClelland – possible interview pending

I have an opportunity to interview Clark McClelland and one individual who wishes to remain anonymous is putting forward $750 if someone or a group of people will match funds. Although this is not the way we operate (we have never paid anyone for their testimony) this is one case where I will make an exception. Clark is destitute and will only do the interview if he is paid $1,500 for 30 minutes (or possibly as long as 1 hour). He wants to own the rights to the interview as well. At this moment since I plan to be in Florida to interview Ashayana Deane (Azurite Press) I am willing to play ball…. Clark has not been interviewed on video to my knowledge in years… Anyone who wants to help make this happen needs to donate asap via my donate button and email me that is what they are doing…. I fly into Sarasota on March 30th and will only be there a few days depending on the financing that comes through. Please note: I can in no way guarantee that this interview will take place regardless of incoming funds.

Additional note: there is a secret source who may also make themselves available at this time… Any funds to cover the added expense of staying a day or two later to interview this source will find it well worth it.

Avalon Forum — my view

In addition to many very good and intelligent people, I hear that there are currently a lot of sycophants and plants among the people who visit the forum. This is true most anywhere but events that I won't go into here have increased the amount of nonsense being bandied about there. Keep this in mind. If you want to know what my views are on the forum, how it operates and other things pertaining to recent events you need to do a search for my posts over there. Suffice to say, I post very seldom but when I do it's because I have something to say.

I don't know what is planned for the revising of the forum. I do know that I am no longer involved in any way with operations there. I gave my half ownership over to Bill about a week ago. Additionally, our Project Light Warrior has a community set up that Tommy, my webmaster is currently moderating. I believe those on exodus from Avalon may find topics of interest there….