Project Camelot Media Library (beta)

Notes from the Webmaster regarding the new Camelot Streaming media platform

Today we (finally!) launch our own private Project Camelot media
platform in a beta / testing state!

During this testing period we will monitor the performance of the
system while it’s actually being used, this is the best way for us to
get “real world data” so we can make necessary adjustments over time
to further improve on the service.

Currently not all videos were able to be transferred from YouTube
(with metadata) before they closed down our channel, so there is a lot
of manual work ahead of us in terms of getting everything up to date.
Thankfully we have multiple backups of the actual videos, so it’s only
a matter of time! (note that there is also some duplicate video entries as well).
The login system might appear a bit clunky, but it’s working. However there is currently no need to be logged in to view videos.

We also use an optional P2P system for offloading our servers as well as decentralizing our content. You can disable this if you wish in “My Settings” on the left hand menu. If logged in you can do this under “My account”. Read more about the P2P system by clicking here.


For feedback on the service you can write to:

Be sure to include the following:

– Operating system and/or type of computer/device
– The results from
– Country
– Approx time and date

These details are very relevant for us in terms of utilizing your
feedback as constructive data.

More updates to follow soon!

Last but not least I want to extend a great big thank you to everyone
who has come forward willing to assist us in this endeavour! I might
not have been able to get back to all of you, but rest assured your
willingness and support is very heartwarming. I might still get back
to some of you over the next few weeks as we develop these systems

We will also be doing rather large visual and usability updates to the main Camelot website in the very near future. 

If you want to volunteer and help get the library up-to-date, replace old links in articles, etc. please write me at:

We are also hiring a backend developer:

We are currently in need of a backend developer that is well versed in the following languages/platforms:

– JavaScript
– jQuery
– node.js
– oAuth 2.0
– WordPress API
– s3fs (ideally)

In addition we have need for someone well versed in server side transcoding (specifically live-stream oriented) and optimizing such deliveries using a CDN.

Current delivery platform is ffMPEG / HLS.

The platforms in use are:

– PeerTube
– WordPress
– Memberful
– Discourse (as SSO bridge, should be replaced with oAuth 2.0 directly to PeerTube)

If you have the expertise to fulfill any of the two defined roles please get in touch with:

All the best,


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