I interviewed Christopher Macklin, spiritual healer who works with energy, time travel, Morgellons and healing of all kinds.  





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Dr. Christopher Macklin is an extraordinary sage who brings several facets to his work  – in the realm of spirituality, health and wellness, alien connection, angels divination, paranormal, world conspiracies, Covid-19 etc.. He specializes in developing protocols for removing ‘manufactured diseases’ like Lyme, HIV, Agent Orange, Morgellons and spends his life work healing the physical, spiritual and emotional psyche. He utilizes Divine Healing techniques is cultivated to help people recover from all types of illness. Christopher is able to heal many people simultaneously with rebalancing the body’s energy field by clearing chakra points and cleansing the body’s meridian field by removing blockages and negative energies. Christopher has written several books that can be found on his website: www.globalenlenlightmentproject.com

Born as a highly aware psychic child in Chester, England, Christopher Macklin is one of five Melchizedek beings on the planet today. He was often visited by negative ETs as a young child in his room at night. His screams brought his parents to his side but not believing him, they felt that Christopher was only experiencing nightmares. This left young Christopher to learn early on how to deal with the presence of negative ETs in his life. He began to use his psychic abilities and the power inherent in his Melchizedek Soul to understand why they were visiting him, how to remove them from the planet and how to heal the manipulations and violations that he eventually understood they were inflicting on an unsuspecting humanity. These early experiences would form the basis of Christopher’s life work.

Today Christopher is an internationally known energy healer who specializes in healing people from all forms of illness, especially those created through ET technologies such Morgellons, Lyme, etc. He specializes in healing abductees and others who have suffered related negative ET trauma. He assists people in removing negative ET presences from their lives, clearing homes and land and closing multidimensional portals. He also works tirelessly with “illuminati fall out children” who have been mind-controlled and physically tortured by ET influenced governmental agencies and institutions. In addition, he works very closely with the Pleadians and Arcturians to help heal and rebalance humanity. He has a new book and protocol out that addresses the negative ET presence and how it has affected humanity.

Today, Christopher works with thousands of clients a month internationally. He provides a full range of healing services that address a spectrum of physical, mental and emotional issues and he teaches people about their divine sovereignty, divine alignment and the divine plan. He and his wife Amanda have founded “The Global Enlightenment Project” to serve an awakening humanity and to support the healing needs of people all over the earth.  He lives with his wife, Amanda at their centre in Branson, Missouri. 

Christopher conducts global healings and meditations 3x a week  plus one-on-one healing sessions.  Website: www.globalenlightenmentproject.com
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Twitter: @cmacklinm, Global Enlightenment Project                                                           Instagram: GlobalEnlightenmentProject

YouTube: google Christopher Macklin for his many videos        

FB: Global Enlightenment Project                                                                                             Website:  www.globalenlightenmentproject.com/                                                                                                      

His recent books can be found on Amazon:

* Dissolving the Enigma of Divine Healing Divine                                                

*Transcendence: How to Navigate Humanity’s Shift in Consciousness

*Rise to Your True Place as a Divine Being                                                                 

*History, Truth& Healing: Manufactured Diseases: HIV/AIDS, Agent Orange, War Syndrome, Morgellons and Lyme   Disease                                

*Centering the Mind: Healing of Chronic Stress, Anxiety, Depression, ADD, OCD & PTSD in Children, Adolescents and Adults


Please mention to your audience: Invitation to Group Healings:
3x weekly meditation and healing gathering – donation basis.

All are welcome to participate in the new protocol to remove Lyme/Morgellons/AIDS/HIV/Agent Orange and experience Christopher’s work.  One hour comprehensive healing session.

WHEN: Mondays-9amCT/Thursdays-5pmCT/Saturday-11amCT.

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  1. Thank you for this interview. Dealing with morgellons for many years. I am a healer but not sharing my gift. Hoping Christopher can free me so I can get on with serving others.

  2. The guest was mentioning focusing on “this isn’t happening” I would say that frame is a critical misnomer. I saw a video of a guy in the UK filming a terror attack, and I was very frustrated at his denial of reality, saying literally “this isn’t happening” in a display of extreme cognitive dissonance. A better framing perhaps is the example of the terror attack in Australia, where a guy with a chair and another with a milk crate detained this bad actor, waiting for the police…

    • consider that the words are actually a rebuke. “I rebuke this” may be more effective for you.

  3. This guy really gets it! I rarely see a guest so well informed and so well in-tune with what is happening on the planet. Thank you for having him on!

  4. I paid for channel. Unable to play any of your videos. Wants me to Hire for free video. ?? How do I watch your content?

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