Does the Alternative Media Represent the Views of the People?

Letter to a viewer.

I am publishing this because I believe more people might like to see it and participate in this discussion.  It may interest you to know support for my statements during the RDS interview from “the people” has been overwhelmingly positive and in agreement.

I appreciate your point of view however I believe it is limited by not understanding the role the alternative media play in our lives today and who the alternative media actually are!
You wrote:  
..”If they were truly representing us, they would have regular conversations with their constituents to get a consensus for what the people want them to support or not to support and vote accordingly.”–name removed


I have regular contact (actually daily through social media and direct email) with the people who “follow” my work, sometimes by phone, often texting and sometimes in person in meetings and conferences.  And my work is in direct response to the needs and desires of my viewers.  In fact, I probably have far more interaction with my viewers than any Congress person who is in the political speech of the mainstream said to “represent” the people who “vote” for them.

To limit your understanding of what it means to represent someone or a group or ideology shows that you have not really thought this through.
And to get caught up in semantics is distracting and meaningless. 
When I say alternative journalists represent the PEOPLE I mean that we are the ones that help facilitate the conversation we are all having and that conversation is ongoing here on social media… using youtube and various platforms to communicate with each other… It is through us… the alternative media that the discussion happens…think about it… sure it’s not about us on an ego basis … we are the bridge that links the people to each other so dialog can happen that we all can share in…
When we share videos and comment on them, get interviewed and interview, write articles and post comments and this is how we choose to talk to each other… alternative media is now every host every journalist every person who shares on these platforms and then the audiences that form around them… and my channel is only one of those …there are thousands maybe millions.
As censorship grows by the social media that is trying to silence the ALTERNATIVE MEDIA… WE ARE FORCED TO FIND AND CREATE NEW PLATFORMS… TO SHARE… youtube facebook instagram and others are working to SILENCE US… I am now banned on Youtube Twitter INstagram and Linkedin for providing information contrary to the mainstream cabal centered narrative regarding Trump and Covid primarily.
But I am not banned here on Telegram…so far
Not only does the alternative media represent the PEOPLE but we ARE THE PEOPLE…AND THERE ARE THOUSANDS even MILLIONS OF US.
If you have a presence online you choose who you listen to and the groups you choose to interact with…that is as you know how it happens….the internet makes this sharing possible…
Every person that starts a channel and gathers an audience becomes an alternative journalist…and broadcaster.  Some of us have large audiences that distinguish us from others but that simply facilitates more discussion and escalates interaction.
Robert claims he wants to go out into the public to “reach the people” and certainly in person interaction is extremely valuable.  As a performer all my life I am very familiar with this.  Until the lockdown I did conferences in person and traveled the world every year meeting and interacting with people who watch my interviews and follow me on social media.  This is nothing new.
What is new is the amount of interaction people have online and with and through ALTERNATIVE MEDIA.  That is what made the difference in voter turn out of the election and will continue to change our lives in meaningful ways.  In fact, the real reason that RDS doesn’t want to admit to the power of alternative media is that he is still aligned to the MAINSTREAM CONVENTIONAL VIEW OF REALITY.  And through a deeper more secret agenda does NOT WANT alternative media to take over the NARRATIVE that humans follow on Planet Earth.  However, he is wrong and in fact we are already taking over the narrative that relates to “reality” and have been gaining momentum for years now.  This is why Mainstream media has lost relevancy and viewers in droves.  And will continue to do so.  This is what is known of as the changing of the paradigm and in fact growing human conscious awareness leading to enlightenment.  An enlightened view of what it means to be “human” and the nature of “reality” which is actually multiple realities.
The media must represent the views of the people to remain RELEVANT and to continue to have viewership and support.  My viewers have increased steadily every year and ever since we ran out of money about 14 years ago I have requested and been given DONATIONS that contributed to paying my rent and food ever since.  My audience support my work because it speaks to them.  And as mentioned the interaction goes both ways.  Every one I interview becomes widely known and picked up and interviewed by all the other leading alternative hosts (call them journalists or simply broadcasters)…
We are the alternative media and they are us.
And funny enough RDS would be exactly nowhere in the public consciousness without the Alternative Media of which he is a part!  
Roger Stone said on a recent Alex Jones interview that Trump won because of the Alternative Media.  And he is right.  We not only matter but our importance in reaching the people has become even more critical the wider the gap with the owned mainstream media becomes.  And this is vitally important to so-called politicians and government workers and indeed Presidential candidates.  Because we are the people, we are the bridge to the people and without us they will never get their message out nor be able to even communicate with the people because they have to use the internet to reach as many people worldwide as quickly as possible.  And that means using social media not only the ones owned by big tech but on emerging platforms provided by the people to serve the people.
My point in the interview with RDS is that PRESS CONFERENCES as currently construed are exclusionary events that are only speaking to those puppets chosen by the cabal to get the messages out even by our President.  As such they are outmoded and counterproductive.  Not only does the entire political system need to be revamped but PRESS CONFERENCES need to include key members of the real press…the alternative media in order to reach the people in a real and effective way.  We will ask the real questions and prompt “politicians” and government to respond to the people and this will result in real change not only in the shared narrative on the nature of ‘reality’ but in the daily lives of ‘the people’.
Best wishes,

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