MARCH 25, 2021:   MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT:  YOUTUBE has just deleted my entire channel Over the ROBERT DAVID STEELE interview even though I had (call it a premonition) placed the interview in their category of UNLISTED meaning it was NO LONGER EVEN PUBLIC!!   I am an original YOUTUBE DIRECTOR AND CREATOR.  My channel has been on Youtube for 16 years.  The entire channel was deleted 1 year into operation by “mistake” by Youtube and we put it all back up immediately .  At this time, we had over 300,000 subscribers and over 70 million viewers worldwide.
We have copies of all videos and are going to make them available via our own server.  So do not worry we have been preparing for this for a long time…since Youtube has become more and more about censorship and less and less open to freedom of speech or thought.  
Thank you to all my viewers over the years for your love and support.–KERRY CASSIDY, PROJECT CAMELOT,










  1. Just keep in mind, Robert Steele mentioned JFK and even JFK saw the importance of an honest independent press in a speech he made, because the following will not do according to this former New York Times Chief of Staff:

    “In 1953, John Swinton, the former Chief of Staff for the New York Times, was asked to give a toast to the independent press before the New York Press Club. It is obvious that he believed that the concept of an “independent press” was a farce that he no longer wished to be a party to.”

    “Following is a quote from this monumentally revealing toast”:

    “There is no such thing at this date of the world’s history, in America, as an independent press. You know it and I know it. There is not one of you who dares to write your honest opinions, and if you did, you know beforehand that it would never appear in print. I am paid weekly for keeping my honest opinion out of the paper. Others of you are paid similar salaries for similar things, and any of you who would be so foolish as to write honest opinions would be out on the street looking for another job. If I allowed my honest opinions to appear in one issue of the paper, before twenty-four hours my occupation would be gone.”

    “The business of journalists is to destroy the truth; to lie outright; to pervert; to vilify; to fawn at the feet of mammon, and to sell his country and race for his daily bread. You know it and I know it. What folly is this, toasting to an independent press?”

    “We are the tools and vassals of rich men behind the scenes. We are the jumping jacks; they pull the strings and we dance. Our talents, our possibilities and our lives are all property of other men. We are intellectual prostitutes.”

  2. I don’t know why Robert Steele downplayed your concern for the alternative media when he actually mentioned someone not calling him back after he set the guidelines to avoid “cherry picking” his quotes for an interview.

    Even former Intelligence Officer William Cooper gave his OWN accounts for not appearing before a major media news interview, when he told them he would only accept the interview unless he had editorial control.

    I am sure you know why William Cooper declined the interview when they declined his offer.

    Doesn’t Robert know this?

    I agree with your position Kerry, because how do we know if the Trump team is “controlled opposition” or not because the alternative media is all we got to reach others.

    You have my deepest respect and you do represent those of us that value freedom and honest dialog. Not everyone is on that page, so Robert shouldn’t have downplayed the importance of the alternative sources because I literally cut OFF mainstream media over 10 years ago.

    If I read Dr. Shiva correctly, he as well is DONE with the 2 party antics ( as he witnessed the rigging of his own defeat for the Senate).

    If you decide to interview that guy, I am sure that would be interesting.

  3. Remember when Kaye Griggs said General Jim Jones was one of the worst most sadistic and Satanic people in the military? Yeah well he happens to be RDS’ hero of all heroes. This guy is pure poison. And the new kids in the military who don’t want to take the vaxx are getting shamed and guilted and coerced into taking it from the top brass, so RDS is lying about that issue. In all cliches and groups, there are negatively polarized people and positively polarized people, and in the Cynthia mCkiney, Sacha Stone group, RDS is the poison apple. It’s blatantly obvious.

  4. Wow Kerry, did you uncover something here? Did he expose himself? I think so. He probably means well at some level, but I am over him. Kerry you give an extraordinary service and you do represent the people…I am an grandma by the way. Not everyone has the resources who find you online, I just happen to be an IT person and found you a long time ago.

    Anyway, here are some of my thoughts:
    1. Trump saying take the vaccination.. I have worked for 2 different Big Pharmas for over 20 years. The vaccinations do take a long time. Maybe the vaccination is really a flu vaccination, we can only hope. Or this vaccination was created years ago for nefarious reasons. We’ll just have to wait and see. I personally do not take vaccinations. Do we know if J&J is better than Pfeizer/Moderna vaccinations? Last I heard from Benjamin Fulford was that his contacts couldn’t get a vaccine tested to know. NOTE: Is it possible there are Trump impersonators that are for the other side? We have all seen the versions of Trump who are younger and thinner. How are we to know which Trump is the one for the people or this all a hoax on all of us and they are all in this together. I like Trump and voted for him, but he is not to be mistaken for a messiah figure.
    2. Many of us are over Hollywood and Circus stunts. I don’t understand why RDS thought this caravan is a good idea. I guess we’ll see. Many of my family and friends have stopped watching movies. It’s difficult to watch even Netflix knowing about Hollywood. BTW: Why is Sasha Stone showing a picture of him with one eye? He should know we are sensitive to that.
    3. The trust put in Juan O’Savin and others has been keeping everyone from storming their own capitals. I am sure there are many who are standing by and wondering if we will be fighting for our lives and the lives of their families. Poor Texas will most likely be first, looks like they will need to hold line.

    Lots to say, thank you for letting me have an opportunity to speak. Kerry are are great, you never disappoint.

    • There is no such thing as “better”, with vaccines. They do have their place, but are being misused generally. They do as much harm as good nowadays, though they stopped many serious diseases a century ago.

  5. Kerry is 100% right about alternative media being not utilized as a Trump media … why did Trump not do this? and should be now why is Kerry not invited to Florida she should be… alternative media exists and he did not and is not utilize it ( it does not need to be reinvented by him ).. Kerry has more followers than all of you on the caravan you put together ..i am not saying i 100% agree with every thing she says… she is the one that lead most people to be TRUTHER … Trump has not achieved what Putin has it is Putin who should be leading the world to freedom of the deep state he has freed the second largest country in the world of the deep state … I herd last week Trump say on the news on a phone call TAKE THE VACCINATION i believe he has an invested interest .. Robert David Steel you and your limited view over estimate your own importance you have know idea how wrong you are because you are ego driven that is so clear just because she does not represent you does not mean she does not represent us … Kerry represents the people and she has for a very log time you are a public newbe and yes you are in the dark ages…and i am a great want the people to have an honest congress who said the people even want a congress ..YOU do not know what the people need you Robert David Steel have self appointed your self to say what the people need and you know nothing a .. different cultural area’s in United States now your true ignorance is revealed despise the jack ass of Virginia my friend you are a Jack ass

  6. Im sorry is Crazy Horse’s sculpture not apart of Mount Rushmore SERIOUSLY!!!
    come to Jesus but lets continue to marginalize our indigenous people.. great start!

    • My apologies Crazy Horse is not apart of mount Rushmore…although The Mount Rushmore monument is an insult to the genocide that is still happening even to this day your reverence to this monument has nothing to do with the reality of mother earth on this land base Turtle Island ( Your dismissal of this genocide is your ignorance )

  7. Thank you Kerry,Mark and I been following you since your Seminar on 2011 in CA until now we love your reporting,keep up your excellent repeorting.And Robert David Steele I fell he is trying to still your work, you are to famous and honest white hat,that why we love your work.IMHO:I fell he is part of the black hat CIA that why he is trying to discreadit you.

  8. Every time Kerry and Robert get together they bang heads. It seemed to me that the points they were arguing about were obvious…Kerry was right about the importance of alt media, Robert was right about the sovereign rights of the people…So why were they banging heads and even being insulting to each other?? Mostly ego I think. 2 big egos. Sorry, but both of you needed to be put in time out until you played well together.

    • Robert made a complete fool out of himself. He attacked General McInherney (sic) & believes he is so incredibly important. When Kerry did not get all worked up w/ his manic energy he was offended & took issue with her. That’s a shame. Not a gentleman, rude!

  9. Really starting to have my doubts about this Q plan🤔
    I just listened to Trump on YouTube dated March 25, 2021And for what it sounds like he may run again in 2024 I think it maybe too late I know Q. predicting he will be back soon but I don’t trust the plan if you want to find this it’s On YouTube look for new podcast episode with Donald trump put out by Right Side News
    Something needs to happen now to show the people that military is in control this is ridiculous to keep going on and on and on until people wake up what if some people don’t wake up then what about the people like us that have woke up!!!!!!!

    • I AGREE 100% this is an excuse the ones who are awake are awake the ones who are not will not believe the truth i dont care how clear it is …IF trump is so innocent why is he on the news saying get the vaccination.. what i would like to know is if he has a fanatical interest in the vaccination ..Sacha Stone is giving evidence against it so why is Trump on board and personally I wonder why is Sacha Stone following the likes of David Steel who’s view is clearly extremely limited it should be the other way around Steel is wearing blinders he talks as if he is leading everyone to freedom.. Steel in my opinion he is a apart of the phyc operation his ego is hugely entrenched this is so clear..this is not someone who should be leading anything but the cows to pasture

  10. Way to go Kerry. You kick ass with intelligence & passion. Mr Steele is full of himself as my granny would say. I would not have my deep understanding & sanity without you & media like you. Just knowing of you gives me hope to carry on into this uncertain future. As a 78 yr. old American, retired blue collar worker, happily married, woman, I want you to know your work is vital and I agree on we need to get busy exposing everything. It’s time!! You do represent me and thousands of people all over the world. No question. He is just skidding on semantics, representing old male guard but clueless to his own blindness. Hopefully very soon in the future we will not need his type of nonsense as we transition to Common Law. It will take a few years/ generations but it will happen. In truth we don’t need government. I’ll keep donating- I believe in you and your fine work. 👍❤️

  11. Play really starting to have my doubts about this Q plan🤔
    I just listened to Trump on YouTube dated March 25, 2021And for what it sounds like he made run again in 2024 maybe By then I think it maybe too late I know Q. he’s predicting he will be back soon but I don’t trust the plan if you want to find this it’s On YouTube look for new podcast episode with Donald trump put out by Right Side News

  12. Kerry, BRAVA! Thank you for pressuring RDS in no uncertain terms to admit his mis-step. His bloviating is getting boring. He should have graciously accepted the idea of welcoming the alt-media aboard his love train caravan. Your responses were, as usual, perfect for getting at truth. I feel angered and disappointed by RDS’ interview performance. Thanks, I needed that 🙂

  13. it was so hard to continue the video after a certain point, because this guy is clueless and self important that he is so disconnected from the people and our issues. He tried every neurolinguistic programming trick there is, including Accusing you of what he’s doing, I.e. over representing himself.

    You can represent me anytime. thank you for standing up for the real TRUTH against and egotistical, elitist, anddisconnected know it all that talks to Juan the shame and is so enlightened now. Give me a break.

    Thank you for standing up for us , the truth and the Alternative Media. the alternative media ROCKS and you are a great representative.

    He shot himself in the foot , showed his true colors, forget his circus act.

  14. Wow Kerry… I might be the only one to say this here. But that was probably one of the worst interviews I have seen on your channel. There was cursing from one side and mudslinging from both sides of the interview. I sensed that both of you wanted to just hang up immediately at several times during the interview… that was intense. It was unfortunate that Robert managed to trigger you like he did, probably unintentionally. It was even more unfortunate that you felt you had to “call him out” and attack his past in an act of defense. The final straw was when you attacked his argument that local authority is more trustworthy and in line with the people.

    Bottom line here is that is simply better to calmly state “I disagree” and move on without the offences. Clearly you both have a point. I think Roberts point was to say that not every citizen listens to the alternative media. There are still people who cling to the mainstream narrative and also some who have given up on media entirely at this point. Ultimately there is wisdom in the argument that “we only represent ourselves”. But practically, of course, we still need representation in order to run a community, even in the media. Being a voice of the people is a very important role and a powerful one.

    Unfortunately more people will be turned away from Roberts tour with this interview than motivated to go – if we are to judge by the rest of the comments here. Nonetheless, I think Roberts tour will have an important impact to the development of the new forms of governance that will emerge after this year.

    Love and light, Namaste and God bless you both!
    So be it. (Does that cover it all?)

  15. Wow, excellent interview with RDS. He is a pain in the ass. I have only watched him occasionally over this past year. He was always promoting himself and Cynthia McKinney for jobs in the White House and “if I was President I would do this and I would do that”. He is in this for his own benefit, didn’t he say in the past that he might run for President!!!!!!! Great to hear you stand up for the PEOPLE. Yes Kerry you speak for me.
    Thank you for all the wonderful work you do. Really hope to get to join the press where ever it might be in the future. You deserve it.

    • Did ya pick up around 19:45 when he asks Kerry about her not seeming enthusiastic
      . A few minutes before he doesn’t realize he says narcissist things. Such as ‘I have people for that’, ‘ I have people for that’ She kinda of did what anyone would do is a kinda of WTF did you just a say!

  16. Wow, great interview with RDS. He is a pain in the ass. I have only watched him occasionally over this past year. He was always promoting himself and Cynthia McKinney for jobs in the White House and “if I was President I would do this and I would do that”. He is in this for his own benefit, didn’t he say in the past that he might run for President!!!!!!! Great to hear you stand up for the PEOPLE. Yes Kerry you speak for me.
    Thank you for all the wonderful work you do. Really hope to get to join the press where ever it might be in the future. You deserve it.

  17. I’m finished listening to these hope and faith truthers—From the beginning of the election outcome we were told by Steele—Juan (not his real name) McKay and others that everything was fine and then they pushed the goal post weekly—We have to wait for this or that—now we are being told we are waiting for the public to wake up ///on and on….until now Juan came out today saying it’s to late now for the military—and Steele is on the road again …For What? This isn’t about Trump now? Of course not…we waited because we believed these guys and now nothing…Your message is moot dude …..Trump was absolutely the reason we listened and now? Enjoy your bus tour … are right your an actor—performing

  18. Great interview. RDS may be coming from the viewpoint that all humans are the same. He does seem to have a bit of a childlike innocence/ignorance of what the (human) population really is or knows/doesn’t know. There was some double speak on his part that got me a bit confused as to what he was trying to define. I do admire both of your tenacity. Unlike you, he has not become enlightened enough and is working on a different level, whereas you can see the view from the moon; he can only see from the beach. Both are needed for humanity’s current state. How many of us have very close relations that just don’t get it; don’t want to; are afraid to; or just don’t care.? This is only my observation and take-away feeling. Thank you again for standing in your truth. You are a Beacon of Light!

  19. LifeForce.Global – Kim A. Goguen and her team know all about Trump and everyone else involved in the last election. The areas of concern are: Legal/Crown – Military – Banking – Media – Pharma all need to be OVERHAULED!!! We the people of the world – humanity, if you will, require JUSTICE FIRST, before dragging us through another FARCE!!! Get that through your head, Robert David Steel.

    Look into becoming a part of a local Assembly as per Life Force Global, Robert!!

    Rose Costa

    • I agree …the longer we wait the deeper we are pushed into the mud…Talking is over….. Steele and friends are not creditable ……The more shots given out daily the more problems we have down the road—-wait until people start to drop dead because of these delivery systems of a fake vaccine for the fake pandemic…The only hope is for the world court to begin a new criminal investigation for these experimental delivery system shots….At this point can’t listen to MSM or these guys…It’s March—-wait until April…then wait until the 4th of July JFK jr. will be there…SOON ….ya know what that means??? So On and So On and So On….

        Has anyone found the antidote to turn around the damage done by these vaccines? If so, please post and share ASAP!!! That’s the only interim answer to solve the bigger problem forthcoming because those that were infected by the jab could become super spreaders of something far worse down the line and then we’ve got a real pandemic on our hands and we’re back to square one, folks!

        Please email Kerry directly with the data and perhaps she’ll do a show on that EMERGENCY work around solution!


  20. #1. WOW, #2. The alternative media represents the interests of the people MORE than corporate media and that just goes without saying. Many alternative news journalists/sources work out of their homes & just started out researching, posting, growing from there. Pity RDS doesn’t get this and maybe doesn’t get it on purpose. Who knows what may be going on with him.

  21. fantastic interview, well done Kerry as always,,,,, my intuition tells me this guy is full of BS, just like CW,,, time will tell I guess.

    Well done for standing your ground!!!

  22. Agree with all that has been said so far but others. RDS was walking on thin ice with me of late and this interview didn’t do him any favors. He wouldn’t be where he is today without other alt media journalists such as yourself, Kerry. I am very careful who I support with my $ and RDS hasn’t made the cut so far. This interview, didn’t help change my mind. As a matter of interest, he cut the conversation about your “overstating the importance of alternative media,” from the version he posted to his website and made it just what Mary Lapp noted he wanted it to be, as a “funding program and advertisement.” Go figure. Finally, Kerry, I follow many of the same alt media peeps RDS does, and others, and I selected YOU as one to support with $ because you are one of the few that ISN’T spewing what sounds like a new “mind control” platform for a “different” agenda. I haven’t heard you say “trust the plan” once and I appreciate that so much. It is time for WE THE PEOPLE to take back our Sovereignty. No one is going to come and save us, we must do it ourselves. I predict April 1 will come and go, like all other dates and there will be no evident progress. I am looking to connect with more and more like minded folks, getting active in the process, and am standing up!

  23. Kerry, I listen to numerous channels in the alternative field and out of them all it is you who I resonate with the most over a long period of time. You ask the hard questions and you most definitely represent me!!! Thankyou for all that you do!

  24. Wow, you’re such a great interviewers. I always felt a slice of egocentrism in RDS, but here he was really rude and conceited. He is always making everything about him in his video, how can he respond to you that way. Strange and disappoiting. Thank you for your work and the knowledge you enable us to have.
    Greeting from Europe.

  25. Kerry be careful with him, he is a con artist who sues people with fake lawsuits,. His former tour was completely bogos. It was a money grab, he didn’t show up anywhere he listed he would be. I was worried for you the first time I saw you spoke with him. I hope you read this! Appreciate all of your hard work and truth!

    • I totally agree. This guy is about himself and his own selfish agenda. His thinking and mentality are not healthy, although he is trying hard to convince everybody the opposite.

  26. I feel and say that you represent me, we are of the same mind and I have alot of love and respect for all that you do.

  27. Kerry, You have AMAZING POISE in your interviews (especially with RDS). I do respect your Common Sense and Grounded questions and challenges to ALL your interviewees. GREAT JOB with your analysis and ‘take’ on current tactics . . . Thank You. Keep It Up.

  28. Oh my goodness. Kerry when you ask the hard questions…. it seems your guests will sometimes get defensive. I could feel the bad energy all the way over here.
    You are correct, Kerry, we are in the place where all men stand individually and our rights are gone.
    Robert David Steele is where I was, spiritually, about 50 years ago. Does he need to be reminded that one age does not give away to another easily – the last time an age changed (into Pisces) the people let their leader be crucified. I mean, it created a whole religion, but what a waste of good man/God. As we slide into the Age of Aquarius (the water bearer) let us be blessed with a positive outcome from this whole China Virus Event 201 to create world wide depopulation, a vaccinated and microchipped populace, now “owned” by patents holders to the DNA-changing substance coursing their their bodies. Everyone will own nothing and like it. Good behavior will be rewarded, bad behavior sends you to “FEMA” camp. Or we can imagine something much much better – but we must be able to come together in community. Leaders always rise like cream to the top.
    I foresee The Republic rising from the ashes. But first, there must be ashes. I fully expect a FF or attack on our country — just so we can “Build back better.” I can see the lucrative government contracts looming…. our “representatives” taking care of their “friends.” Money is the mother’s milk in politics.
    OK, who hasn’t seen how run down our big cities are? and drug addicts and homeless veterans and families living out of their cars because they can’t work due to the shut downs. How will we solve this? We have to ask in this upside-down world, “HOW will we build back and how can we make it better.” It seems what ever the “representatives” in DC tell us, the opposite is true.
    Under the “Biden-Harris Pretendency,” we find ourselves with the Constitution suspended and Big Pharma corporations running the show. We are taking orders from WHO from a man who is not a doctor. There is no world wide emergency. Meanwhile, the whole world knows that Trump won. We are the last free country. What are WE going to do about it? The world wants to know. You asked Robert David Steele = he became defensive = because he doesn’t know. He just hangs with a guy who pretends to know. But we know. We know the time is coming and it is not within months or weeks. It is within HOURS.
    Bless you, my sister. J
    It’s not what any one was expecting, Kerry. We were told 2 weeks to flatten the curve. Deadline for UFO disclosure looms, as well as that April 1st “Hold the Wine” bet.
    Something is going to give, and you know, when one domino falls, the next thing you know our cities will be overrun by blue helmets.
    Thank you for ending the show so gracefully. Steele reminds me of Dr. Steven eh?
    Have a wonderful week. Stock up and enjoy. Things can change in 24 hours – just like they changed in 24 hours after 9/11, only this time, it will be a change for the better because it will be Biblical. We all want to be on the right side.

    • This guy is all about his own agenda although he will never admit it. He is not about people. Why does he want to replace all bad Congress with few stupid, communist parties??? What is this? We do not need libertarians, independents, sandinistas …. all parties have some communist ideology to impose on people.

  29. It was kind of odd of RDS response to the alternative media question. Kerry, you brought up a valid point! I think it’s going to take more than a bus tour and a conversation to wake people up! I wish them luck!

  30. Kerry is SPOT ON, the alternative media coverage is imperative for U.S. citizens and citizens of the world to connect with Trump & his team. I don’t really like Robert David Steele’s attitude toward the alternative media.

  31. As always, Kerry, your interview of Robert David Steele was educational. For the record, I listen to ALL of the alternative media outlets RDS mentioned today. Like you, I was also taken aback by his remark that, “I think you are overstating the importance of the alternative media.” I think it likely that RDS regrets allowing those words to escape his lips. Many people are convinced that we no longer have a free and unbiased MSM in the USA, and have chosen to support alternative journalists such as yourself. We the People are the beneficiaries of your years of perseverance, honesty, and grit; you have maintained these qualities while putting your financial and physical safety on the line for Humanity. Thank you, Kerry for REPRESENTING the truths that people hold and think and speak.Truth-seeking journalists who provide news coverage OF AND FOR We the People are INDEED REPRESENTATIVES OF THE PEOPLE, as these are OUR words, OUR beliefs, OUR thoughts, and where WE stand. We would all do well to consider the words of Felix Frankfurter (SCOTUS 1939-1962), “Freedom of the press is not an end in itself but a means to an end of achieving a free society.” Mr. Steele, I believe, would do especially well to contemplate the words of Thomas Jefferson, “The only security of all is in a free press.”

    • Well done Kerry! I ditto every word Ann Wade said above! Thank goodness for the alternative media to bring professional journalism to us through this speech suppression time. You are not about me, me, me, look at what I am doing, look at where I will be going and need money, only to recruit the same kind of people that have destroyed us. Who needs a congress, who needs a ruler? Who needs a government? Only the ones that want wealth and power. In fact if just us people ruled our own world, we could really mess it up, and it would not be as messed up as it is now. In all areas.
      You, held your ground so well Kerry, and didn’t back down. I bet he wouldn’t talk like that to a male. He tried to intimate you, and tried to take the program away from you, but unlike him, you held your wisdom and spoke your truth, and did not let the conversation go one way. He just wanted the conversation to be a funding program and an advertisement. In his opinion it was his way or no way. You were the one that held the line and the truth. Thank you for standing up for all of us as all of us can see, there is no other truthful media. Good Job Kerry, Well Done.

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