1. Kerry, I have followed you for most of your years on Camelot. Love your work and your fight to learn the truth where ever it takes you. I just want to let you know the Buffalo soldier at the Capitol just happen to have a pedophile tattoo in triplicate on his chest. This was pointed out quite emphatically by Jaun O’Savin in an interview. What Juan was pointing out is this is not the typical Trump supporter or anyone we would want as a supporter.

  2. Inside the financial beehive must be another quid-pro-quo of ideas that are holding back humanity!
    I heard you mention that it would be the Anunnaki’ overlords holding back the final inception of the Quant Computer system. I never thought about it that way. Thinking the illuminus-camps are pushing for the BITCOIN and alternative formats for economic exchange. So many games like the blockade in the SUEZ. never really happened like that, and why? “Human error” yeah right! The power structure is really treating planet earth’s populace like a monopoly board game. Terrible. Throw in the towel with a Solar Nova cycle in a few years. and who will be left to greet J when the tables of the money-changers are finally overturned.

  3. Hello Kerry! Excellent interview! I absolutely agree with you on everything in this interview. I am questioning the same things you do. Please consider having a livestream question & answer spot. I am reading your very excellent book, REBEL GENE, and actually I bought one as a gift and had it sent to a friend on the East Coast, and he hasn’t been able to put it down. We thank you for everything you have done and continue to do.❤

  4. BTW—-what the hell happened to the Durham investigation? He stepped down…There is someone named Kirk who is making fake videos playing him on you tube as a joke! Trying to awaken friends or family now is almost impossible…Everyone is angry!!! Many have lost any faith they were holding on to because really…WHAT PROOF IS OUT THERE THAT ANYTHING HAS BEEN DONE TO HELP CHILDREN AS WELL AS ANY ARRESTS???? Sorry just watched Biden (who ever he is) on tv today ….could only watch for about 5 minutes….We are waiting for an Event—it has nothing to do with Trump or religion…Just my guess….where are the millions of children saved….can’t hide them anywhere in such large numbers for very long…..Off planet perhaps?

  5. Ever since Trump told his supporters to go home after stirring them up to come I question what the hell is going on…Now the people that were there are sitting at home waiting for Pelosi to come after them…He had them in his hand and left them feeling like they went for nothing…What is legal doesn’t matter anymore ….No one is listening…No One…It was being said the military had to stand down because there were bombs placed around the capital…Trump saying to take the vaccine is also a shocker…Your guest is correct we need to question everything…Hey what better way to take down a country then to put all your faith in one person only to have him leave the stage…

  6. Great interview with Patricia Cori, Kerry. I totally agree with your assessment about Trump pushing the vaccine. There are still many brain dead trump supporters/voters out there the still get their news from the MSM. It is the same with his turning his head on the Homosexual issue, he needed as many groups to vote for him as possible to win the election.

  7. Awesome interview. I can’t help but wonder about what Sean David Morton said about Juan during your resent interview with him. Talks a lot, few deliveries kind of guy. I have my eye on Juan. He said many times that by APRIL, we should have our breakthrough. I will drop him like a hot potato if nothing happens in the Country in PRO of our right & the Trump team in April.

  8. Kerry, I listened to the interview with your interviews with Juan and Patricia Cori. I believe you are finally coming into your own and I’m glad to see/hear it! Perhaps you’re right and that what you’re saying will penetrate some of the seeming inaction. You’re also right about needing a frickin’ victory once in awhile. People are growing restless and hope is diminishing. Stay strong and keep speaking out..LOUDER!

  9. I remember President Trump saying he thought Big Pharma was funding his impeachment (right after he lowered the cost of drugs). I think if he had to make a deal with certain people in the military, he probably had to allow the bribed generals to make their CV vaccine money, and this is why he is encouraging people to get vaccinated. I understand that some of the generals were bribed by Big Pharma. It is so sad that our President had to capitulate to these greedy tyrants.

  10. i wish for a Kerry Cassidy interview every day. Thank you, Kerry, for this interview with Patricia Cori. It looks like we are controlled by the Anunnakis since you said what is holding up everything is the Anunnakis not ready to allow us humans to run our own lives. Does this mean we have no way of defeating them that we let them dictate how our lives should go? What a heartache. Why can’t we just bomb the Anunnakis to oblivion? My love around you, Kerry.

  11. In some philosophies the kali yoga has pasted and some we are at the very end.. perhaps this is an issues as to why the dark agenda can not be brought down yet.. technically if we have not passed into the next yuga and earth is not fully out of the kali yuga maybe the dark rein is not yet over….. some philosophies say its 2025

  12. Trump pushing the vaccine is a turn around point for me as well…and their continued secrecy enough is enough people one the biden side are not going to see anything differently but i am starting to … another thing that i am questioning about Trump is his lack of consciousness on indigenous issues… i personally dont see a great genius… if he is saving people in human trafficking and these extreme child abuse this is what has been keeping me in his courts and i have been willing to overlooking the mining and pipe line an genocide of indigenous that is still happening WHY DO HUMANS NOT HAVE ACCESS TO WATER IN THERE HOMES <> IN USA AND CANADA he Trump donating money to Michael Tillinger and Sacha Stones efforts… and ya i am also questioning Trump and Q after April 1 …its over if i dont see some exposure and some TRUTH Im tired of there excuses ~ much love Kerry and Patricia

  13. Hi Kerry ! One of your long time watcher ! Hell how long ?you where with the guy whom you and him just started Project Camelot, sorry can’t remember his name.
    You know I have something that happens to me I call it sixth sense, and other things that I can do , like seeing and really making things happen for me and others . Like I needed money , but I didn’t think like I had to have it or else! I kept myself extremely happy then with the happiest thoughts , went bought devin lottery tickets one dollar tickets, went home gave my wife Four tickets I kept three, my wife won two dollars, and please believe me when I say , this is real I won ten thousand dollars ! Yep I believe the universe was with me, I have other experiences that have happened to me, love you Kerry , be safe April will bring something Good !

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