I will interview Robert David Steele today @ 1pm PT.

Robert Steele: Five Levels of Play in 5D Chess


Robert Steele: Stages of Intellectual Growth

Four movie documentaries

  1. Lucifer & His Cult — How 1% Have Controlled & Looted the 99% (phibetaiota.net)
  2. #UNRIG Elections  (unrig.net)
  3. Wall Street Treason & Crime (wall-street-crime.org)
  4. Satanic Empire (satanicempire.org)
  • 12 raw interviews for each of the three main movies, loaded daily as done;
  • 3 editors harvesting bits and creating story boards toward March-April release
  • Overview movie — a conversation for release by 1 March
  • Sean Stone son of Oliver Stone is the overall executive director and lead for PedoEmpire; TBD is lead for Election Fraud & Reform; Robert Steele is lead for Wall Street (Treason and) Crime; and Sacha Stone is lead for Lucifer.

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  1. FCC adapted a rule that Human Health and Safety should not be a consideration in their regulating5G. This is genocidal and a violation of the Nuremberg Code. Trump signed into law that principle.
    Trump has been a nightmare for Mother Earth. He did nothing for Native Rights, did he? He is not gracious to Native Americans, and did not shut down dirty oil!