Interview took place 02.03.21

We talk about what’s happening, March 4th and the future.


  1. If DJT really lost and game theory is being
    Reverse played then we will probably go hot

    Ok with me as a last resort as no one needs to live just to be tortured by Draco reptoid freaks. Et al.

    I had a dream call it a prebirth dream of a big explosion 💥 on Earth and some short little person telling me there was nothing I could do to stop it.

    What I do not like is that humanity is still not being educated in truth?

    So either a reorganization just occurred and if Marduk was killed in 2016 that would be what Enlil would have wanted. The eagle. Or
    Another enslaver simply replaced the baby blood craving Orion bastards. One that probably wants our 2 or 3 billion capable soldiers to go after another regressive predator race. Draco got rid of Orion control of Earth?

    Space force … The most logical idea is the Annunaki want us as they relate to us a bit.

    Military … Think like Russia … And blow this Earth as a last resort. Draw them in first.

    When free energy starts being rolled out … I will believe it … I think these Carnivorous cannibals are using the Earth population as hostages.

    Just find them and kill them …

    We are not afraid of avatar death

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