I interview Cyrus Parsa regarding his new book, THE GREAT RESET:  How Big Tech Elites and the World’s People Can Be Enslaved by China CCP or A.I.  We also talk about current events, his view on why Trump lost the election and what may happen in the future.

See link below to get book.


From Amazon:   This book is meant to be a neutral analysis and depiction of threats to world leaders, big tech elites, Silicon Valley, conservatives, liberals, WEF, nation states, the intelligence community, and the common person. This includes religious people and atheists. It is not against WEF, Silicon Valley, right, or left. Rather, I attempt to write on everyone’s behalf. I will describe the Great Reset (4th industrial revolution) more in detail from the macro perspective with short and concise summary paragraphs of each major global component as it relates to AI, smart cities, and the geo-political challenges that exist.I will go a lot further and beyond what the World Economic Forum has published and is disclosing to the public with Mr. Klaus Schwab’s own book, COVID 19: The Great Reset, which shined may be 5% of what I disclosed in my previous book Artificial Intelligence Dangers to Humanity, and what I will be disclosing here, in this book.I was the only human being in the world that knew the timing and worked hard to accurately warn and predict that the world’s people were in impending danger from a Bioweapon or disease (Covid 19, AKA CCP Virus) from China CCP in 2019, leading to conflicts with lockdown, famines, AI enslavement, and the entire Great Reset. Prior to and more accurate than Bill Gates, Elon Musk, WEF, intelligence agencies, or any government. Methods included Secret Service briefs, Fmr. CIA Covert Ops Director reports, published books Artificial Intelligence Dangers to Humanity, and numerous attempts to provide solutions to save lives and help governments, the intelligence community, media, and families. The intention has always been altruistic, and to help my fellow citizen and their families from harm. I hope now, this book, my efforts, and The AI Organization, are taken more seriously and supported. Cyrus A. Parsa, The AI Organization,
Cyrus A. Parsa, 
CEO, The AI Organization,


  1. The pushing the book every min and refusing more detail causes people to become apprehensive to purchase the book.

  2. I do not doubt Cyrus is intelligent.

    I do not think he understands that there are so many people that don’t believe in social media – do not follow msm – do not watch t.v. and their “commericials” – do not believe in the co vid hoax –

    Many in california and new york believe this crap = but many see it for the shit it is.

    If Trump (as long as he is as good/constitutionalists he seems to be) is not in control – and xiben’s crap is for real – I do believe there will be a very ugly revolution in this country – it won’t be a “civil war” – because the liberals are too stupid to wage a war. You cannot be “mind controlled” unless you want to be.

  3. I have watched most of your videos also but no 2points of view can be identical and Cyrus observes what is going on in a totally different way

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