I talk with Miles Johnston, former BBC engineer and investigator of the paranormal, super soldiers, aliens and the secret space programs.  

Bases Project Mission statement summary:


The Bases Project is derived from the early pioneering Irish UFO Research Centre, created by Miles Johnston, John Hind and Danny Wilson in the 1970s, publisher of The Irish UFO News.

In the late 70s Miles focused his work on the sudden explosion of Irish free radio in 1977.

The record of this is left for media and social scientific researchers in The Irish Era (of pirate radio). Initially distributed to those in the industry on VHS, now available via undergroundvideouk.com.

Shortly after Mary Seal’s 1993 Global Deception Conference in London, word from Barry King and Lisa Williams came to Miles Johnston of a secret underground base in Peasemore, Berkshire, where Programmable Generated Life Forms, were being produced. The recording of this researcher’s interview became British Bases, and the Bases Project was born.

This has evolved into researching the most alarming population management project and continues as and where the leads send us.

The conclusion is that Humanity and all life on earth are in extreme danger from a predator species which masks its presence in human form and is set to destroy ALL life if the wider public and suitable resources are engaged. In John Urwin’s words, “we shall never get back”, in reference to the human life and death cycle, or reincarnation.

We only have about 3 generations left to solve this crisis.

To learn more about Miles Johnston check out this recent audio interview.


  1. The obelisks may have been a reptillian way to red shift mankind’s consciousness more left brain by place in ng them on Mars the moon and Earth. A higher fractal influencing us a lower fractal via frequsncy Kerry …like we boil a cup of water.

  2. To confirm Miles explanation regarding famine I have an observation in the U.S. The past hurricanes that generated in the south of the Atlantic Ocean this past summer of 2020 was that 4 out of 5 went over the same location which was up into the Gulf side of Florida and directly over Louisiana on the gulf edge, which is not an inhabited land but grows rice and has one conservation territory for wild horses. It is very clear they intended to destroy our U.S. rice fields, which of course generates need from possibly China. I have observed the very strange hurricane patterns going into this area with question as to the intent to “steer” the hurricanes into this same land fall.

  3. Please give link to the article you showed. I believe it said Dear Patriots and was believed to be from Q, possibly JFK.

  4. Really appreciate your ‘down-to-earth’ style and common-sense approach to your interviews. The knowledge you’ve accumulated thru the years on so many subjects is amazing. Also, your patience putting up with technology issues and flaky interviewees is amazing too. Thank You for this interview. Safe travels back to T.O.

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