This video was deleted and Jean Claude had his entire channel deleted by Youtube shortly after this broadcast!

Now available to view here:


  1. We are qualitatively source or the true creator …if we stay right brain activated. Spot on Kerry. Take this body …it won’t be fighting for any nefarious agendas as I am eternal source.

    This party whistle will be deflated some day as well. Ref. Walter Russell

  2. Nice interview with Jean-Claude, Kerry. Expansive answers!

    I’m glad you mentioned again that we’re all Source. Even stuck in black magic in this latest vaccine. And what has Source to do but take sides? Be one is all.

    I’d like to know more about why you’re more pro-carbon based human than siicon based entities, if Source/consciousness is in all things. I suppose, Source, or Soul as you say, will find its way among and throughout everything. You’re sort of rooting for human as it’s structured now and its biological/spiritual potentional/self expression. Why fight to defend humans?

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