This video begins with a short update on Project Camelot and then Kerry interviews Simon Parkes about the leaked intel regarding the Trump team plan to expose voter fraud and Trump’s case to win the White House. See below for the document containing the key points from the plan.



  1. Hi everyone, I also think we all need to enlarge our thinking to include beings from other galactic planets and to include “alien” beings who live right here next to us and will demand to be recognized as rightful citizens of planet earth. We are being thrust into 4 D and 5D realities and we are NOT prepared!!

  2. Great exposition by Simon relating to the dark magic being wielded behind the scenes, everywhere. Remember, this about dimensions and relative realities and relative personalities who see power as a means to ends that they may not see quite as clearly as they should…considering the relative existential threats that may develop; as power seeker, their only solution to their perception of their perceived problems and their timeline. It is therefore, spiritual warfare. Situational awareness is highly recommended as we seek a resolution.

  3. Great Interesting Interview with Simon Parks. We Patriot’s Can Hope and Pray and Send Our President Lots of Love and Light Protection to Aide Him. We Must have Hope that this Will All Unravel in this Timeline, as Simon has said it Will. President Trump is Not Only Needed by the U.S., but by the Whole World. The Corruption has gone on Much Too Long and the Negative Alien Agenda has Affected Every Country and State on this planet. It is time for the Energy of Good to Win Against the Energy of Evil. Humanity has been Mind Controlled and Unconscious for Eons and Must Awaken to their True Inner Light and Manifestation Abilities and learn their True Purpose. Everyone Possible, Must Help To Lift the Energies on this planet to a Higher Dimension and Help Mother Earth to Evolve, as Humanity Was Meant to do all along.

  4. We have seen the enemy and it is our city and fed governments and it’s politicians and agents of the NWO….they
    no longer serve a beneficial purpose and need to be retired with extreme prejudice. We have come a long way from
    a small fed government serving the needs and livelihoods of the people, by the people into a wealth grabbing satanic
    elite who prey on the populations with unjust and unconstitutional laws and mandates as if we were unwanted wards
    of the state. Where it was designed to protect and nurture our republic it has become a threat and uses our bodies
    and blood for it’s agendic wars and conflicts which only it and it’s players profit.
    CV-19 is as much a front for the deliberate global economic collapse and wealth transfer the UN agendas and
    industrialist families demand as BLM is for the militant marxist insurgency
    People need to wake up and realize our governments have and will continue to collude against us. They are at war
    with humanity, we are a commodity and a disposable asset to the industrialist.
    Resist, refuse and revolt against the demonization of human sovereignty, especially our rights to our own health
    and medical choice. These despots can only get away with their planned-demic’s and eugenic’s operations,
    convincing the sheep to willingly crowd into the slaughter chutes, if we comply. Compliance is not a virtue, it is
    surrender. MSM is a crime against humanity, Covid is medical fraud and Gates and Fauci are genocidal maniac’s
    propped up as gods to push the UN(Georgia Guide Stones)global agendas. It is time we take back our republic.

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