Kerry does a Q&A and talks about the election results and current events as well as her recent dream of seeing the indictments on TV!


  1. So there’s the level of US presidential outcomes, and that’s significant in story lines. But what’s nagging at me, personally, and for the planet, are all the ways we could be had in more ways than we may ever know. Now maybe that’s just the “fun” of this particular LARP we’re in. We’re in the belly of the beast, and it could digest us at any time. We hang on, enjoy the ride, and it lumbers forward on much grander levels than we even know. I think you go pretty far to embrace the extent this universe extends in beings and agendas. I guess we just live with the risk of the second wave being via chemtail poisoning and blamed on Covid. Or the nano issue. Or the eventual mandetory vaccine. Big Brothers (or bothers, we could say) is still set on making us all into Winstons.

    I like how you say it’s all Yin Yang. Good reminder. It’s duality play. Dark and light. They each get their advantages, and have their compensations. Take turns. It all balances. I guess we each just have to face our own fates. In the belly of the beast. Even within these space suits we occupy. Consciousness packaged within packages within packages, seeking experience, access, interplay. Swallowing and being swallowed. You help reveal the distances all the manifestations go. I guess death is right next to life. Perils sprinkled along the way. Oneness chasing its own tales. -That’s the ultimate relief ever available for remembering. It’s all One at play. Very convincing play! Harrowing! Edge of my seat concern for outcomes! 🙂 Make spare the Reaper, but then not. Balance. Too much of a good thing needs pruning.

    Maybe part of this Covid sensation is the Collective ritualistically bowing down and out from shame over impacting the Earth. Some intuition that even though they’re sort of fibbing about climate change and overpopulation and who’s to blame for the polution, the overlords have hit a resonant nerve in the collective which perhaps rightly feels misgivings for its negative effects on the planet. So we’re stepping back. Light in the dark, dark in the light.

    But that vaccine, and frequency extremes, DNA manipulation – seems like it’s really breathing down our necks. And maybe it’s all supposed to go that way. It’s Gates and friends’ turn to create the overall caretaking of the planet by hive minding humans and reducing populations.

    What’s curious, too, is the talk of multiple timelines and crossing over from one to another. So how can we really talk about trackable progressions if the whole thing is tossing from timeline to timeline and future and past hopping. Moment by moment what’s being computed here? Are we in a glitchy simulation that has random generation issues? Are you real? Am I talking to myself? If it’s all the One at play, there’s no bad guy. There’s just the pretense of taking sides till further transformation. But the pretenses are impressive. Deep and vast. Well thought out over eons of Consciousness imagining.

    I like feeling for the global shift. i sense this is a doozy. This one is a new go round to ancient plays. Somewhat darker to somewhat lighter among the eating and being eaten. May everything be well fed.

    i appreciate your insights.

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