We are now hearing about the recent bombing by “ISIS” of an ancient site in Syria, Palmyra which is uncomfortably close to the Turkish border.   The July 22nd agreement between the U.S. and Turkey gives the U.S. access to fly their bombers out of a military base along the southern Turkish border.  



The UN satellite has revealed that the Temple of Bel was bombed by ISIS.  Apparently ISIS has also claimed responsibility for having decaptitated the archeologist in charge of the site, a man over 80.  What is really going on here?

ISIS, originally funded and trained, by the U.S., Israel and Britain (see my interview with former U.S. Army Officer and whistleblower Scott Bennett) has now morphed into the supposed enemy and is actively involved in what amounts to a takeover of the Middle East. This relates directly to my interview with KAMERAN FALLY, a Kurd from a well known banking family who talks about the rise of the Mahdi and emergence of an Armegeddon like scenario in the Middle East, orchestrated and manipulated by the NWO to achieve their goals.

This article contains some good points with regard to the recent agreement between the U.S. and Turkey (see my article “Turkey, World Stage and Gobekli Tepe”) where it now appears the economic blackmail has caused the Turkish government to yield to Western pressure.  


Although it may well be the Syrian Kurds who are the collateral damage expected by such an agreement (as the above writer claims) yet they are not, it seems obvious, the real target.  But what is?

As this ‘war’ proceeds to expand it becomes evident that what we are witnessing is a REPTILIAN and ancient war between ET races.  But which races are represented here and what are their ultimate objectives?

I believe the ancient sites contain the keys to revealing the answers to these questions and that their preservation is paramount to our understanding of this future that is being played out before our eyes.

There is clearly a connection here to the plundering of the museums of Iraq in the early days of that war and what is now happening in Syria.  Ancient sites are the evidence of the battle for the Star Gates and ancension portals leading out of this sector of the galaxy.  This is an ET battle and we are intimately connected to what is happening.

It has not escaped me that we were in Sanlurfa (aka Urfa) a mere 5 hours from Palmyra.  Urfa is the city we visited with the brand new museum containing priceless finds from GOBEKLI TEPE and the site itself is only 20 minutes away!






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