Many people do not seem to see the deception which is the BRICS agenda.  Take the situation in TIBET today as an example of a country that has been forceably taken over by China and see the result.  Is this what you want for America and the rest of the world? 

The Illuminati and the BRICS are two sides of the same coin.  This is the game being played.  As we lose our rights in the West beware of the Trojan horse that comes from the East.

Those of you waiting for hand-outs from the BRICS need to be aware of what they are supporting.


By the end of 1998, the People’s Republic of China had signed the three covenants comprising the International Bill of Rights, but it is still far from implementing these domestically and in Tibet. Individual and collective rights abuses continue to challenge the Tibetan people and the future survival of their unique cultural identity.

A case in point is the Nangpa La shooting incident of 30 September 2006 — which claimed two Tibetan lives and the arrest of some 30 Tibetans, including 14 children. Not only does this incident show the height of human rights violations taking place in Tibet, but also the impunity with which the Chinese border police commit these rights abuses. Following this tragedy, the Public Security Bureaus (PSBs) in the “TAR” have been instructed to curb illegal crossings during the first half of 2007, calling it a part of their “strike hard” campaign against splittism to ensure stability in the region. As a result, border patrolling has been strengthened and stringent methods are employed to prevent any Tibetan from escaping repression.

The Central Tibetan Administration solemnly maintains that the Chinese government’s treatment of Tibetans in Tibet is in breach of the rights to life, liberty and security and the freedom of expression, religion, culture and education. Today, in Tibet

  • Any expression of opinion contrary to Chinese Communist Party ideology can result in arrest;
  • The Chinese government has systematically covered religious institutions in an attempt to eradicate allegiance to His Holiness the Dalai Lama, Tibetan nationalism and any dissention;
  • Tibetans are subject to arbitrary arrest and detention;
  • Those imprisoned are often denied legal representation and Chinese legal proceedings fail to meet international standards;
  • Torture still prevails in Chinese prisons and detention centres despite it being in contravention of the United Nations Convention Against Torture;
  • Due to subsistence difficulties, inadequate facilities and discriminatory measures, many Tibetan children are denied access to adequate healthcare and schooling;
  • The rate of imprisonment for political reasons is far greater than in other areas under Chinese rule;
  • Children are not exempt from China’s repression of freedom of expression. There are Tibetan political prisoners below the age of 18, and child monks and nuns are consistently dismissed from their religious institutions.
  • Enforced disappearances, where a person is taken into custody and the details of his detention are not disclosed, continue to occur;
  • Gedhun Choekyi Nyima, recognised by His Holiness the Dalai Lama as the 11th Panchen Lama, has been missing since 1995;
  • More than 70 percent of Tibetans in Tibet now live below the poverty line;
  • Thousands of Tibetans continue to flee their homeland in pursuit of freedom, livelihood, and education in the exile community, where the Indian government gives facilities that the Chinese government cannot even think of, much less provide.

Continual international pressure is essential in encouraging the Chinese government to abide by the regulations of the covenants of human rights.”–


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