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Bernard “Bernie” Mendez is a whistleblower who has stepped out of the shadows to reveal his involvement in deeply classified special projects for the United States government and military during the 1970‘s and 80‘s.

Hired by then President Richard Milhous Nixon in January 1971 as a special assistant at the tender age of 17, Bernard Mendez was tasked with negotiating directly with various extraterrestrial races such as the Greys and the Plieadians from 1971 until 1974 during the peak of the Watergate scandal.

His duties took him all over the world on top secret missions to Australia, England, Alaska, Antarctica, the former Soviet Union and classified underground bases such as Area 51 and Camp Hero (aka Montauk Air Force Base). 

Bernard Mendez was also a participant in time travel experiments via jump room technology and other highly advanced clandestine technology by the military industrial complex. His work for the government continued into the 1980’s until his eventual retirement while still in his twenties.

Bernie’s story however doesn’t end there. Yet another fascinating chapter goes all the way back to his days as an infant when he had his first interaction with ET’s which continued throughout his youth and involved other members of his family.

Bernard Mendez is now telling his story to audiences around the world and revealing the truth behind his Cosmic Level Clearance which allowed him access to many of our government’s most deeply guarded secrets.

Join Bernie on his new website as he takes you on a spectacular journey through the covert world of extraterrestrials, UFO’s, time travel, teleportation and beyond.

For the latest new information on Bernard Mendez visit the Updates Section.

For a detailed biography, visit the About page and find his latest interviews in the Radio Interview section, and more in the Photos and Videos sections.


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