Unfortunately David Lewis Anderson has sent me an email, backing out of the conference.  The reasons he gave however, appear to me to have no bearing on the real reason he has now decided not to participate.

He cites several things, most if not all have been in place since he accepted the original invitation and therefore one would wonder how in good conscience he would have been so enthusiastic and dedicated to appearing for the past few weeks and why the sudden change!  Even in the face of the complete and still unexplained disappearance of my business partner in this enterprise, Joe Matheny, when he kindly wrote to me that he would support the conference in every way when the conference had to be moved.  

Then there was a concern over security in the Los Angeles area, (something we told him we were happy to cover) in spite of the fact that as anyone knows, Glendale is in an extremely sedate business area and close to JPL where scientists from around the world live and work on a daily basis, apparently without incident. Being Camelot, we have some shall we say unusual connections to extremely talented and well equipped security types…  Ones that are trained by the very people who would have reason to disrupt such an event.

Further he expressed another concern being that he should not be “associated” with some of the other speakers names in public because it might impact his work with variious countries’ youth in poverty programs and as an “Ambassador for Youth for the United Nations”!!!  Obviously, the fact that most if not all speakers have been part of the line up from the beginning leads one to question exactly who is so offensive to “youth” and the “United Nations” that it would cause David Anderson to suddenly need to extricate himself from our conference!!

He even cites the “short” time for his speech as being a reason for now backing out.  This is something that we could and would change (!) if 2 hours was not long enough, and that amount of time has not up to now been mentioned as a concern otherwise we would have given him more time…. It has been listed on the schedule that way from the beginning!

Needless to say, the above laundry list of possible reasons for backing out are extremely questionable and indicate that he has been “persuaded” or to call a spade a spade: coerced, not to do the conference by certain parties who are not, of course, named.  We know who they are regardless.

And so, I am working to quickly fill the opening left by him.  Anyone who is in touch with Michael Tsarion, please do let me know and let him know I have sent a Speaker Invitation to his email:  <[email protected]>.  However, if you are in touch with Michael and can reach him it would be very much appreciated as time is getting very short with respect to the start of the conference.  

We also have not heard back from Nick Herbert and needless to say Joe Matheny (also a speaker) is still missing!  Therefore we are in touch with a few alternate speakers to fill both time slots.  However, f you have someone you think I should definitely consider, please do let me know.

It is evident to me, and should be clear to everyone, that “they” don’t want this conference to succeed and have been working diligently to prevent it.  Call them the Secret Government, the Illuminati or what have you, but the fact that they don’t want humanity to realize its true potential and they don’t want their precious secrets out there is obvious.  I am sure that they thought in removing Joe, who was to secure the venue and was going to be handling the upfront financing, that they would be successful in getting Awake & Aware derailed.  I guess they didn’t figure that I would be so bold as to charge upfront expenses to my credit cards and find another venue… Being underestimated in this game has its shall we say, advantages.

At any rate, I appreciate your patience and understanding with this process.  I believe we will have a very successful conference.  People are buying tickets and writing to me and the word of mouth is very positive and even excited in anticipation of this unusual event!  Please do continue to support this enterprise and do not hesitate to contact me with any concerns or questions.  We have access to all kinds of “security types” if that is anyone else’s  “concern” by the way.  As they say, the show Must Go On!

In truth,

Kerry, Co-Founder & CEO, Project Camelot




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