Aurora Investigators:  Thomas Brinkley & Christian Peterson

part 1


I had an unexpected guest, Tman of the White Hats Reports showed up toward the end of the show…and was explaining the Global Settlements, the Dinar Reval and much more.  

 Tman from the White Hats:

This is crucial info regarding the dinar reval, the global settlements, the financial "reset" new currency etc.


MP3:               CLICK Here to listen OR download the MP3 OF THE TMAN interview.

Transcript:      CLICK to view/save the TMAN interview transcript – classic layout – speed reading layout

I have been working with the White Hats, consulting on some aspects of their latest Report #48 which is going to be released very soon, to be followed by a report on the Black Projects that should be an eye opener for at least people who have not been following Camelot all these years.  For those who have, linking the money trail with the black projects will be something they have been waiting to see.  And the White Hats have the documentation to prove it.


Earlier this evening, I had 2 great researchers on the show Thomas Brinkley and Christian Peterson going over the Aurora shootings and connecting the dots along those lines.  Archived show available soon!

Links to their sites:

Paving Crew Construction Workers From Sable St. Behind Theater On Night Of Aurora Theater Shooting 


playlist 24 videos –A Flashbang Or Something Went Off In Theater 8 


Woman Stands up at James Holmes Hearing with "Information Vital to the Defense"


We've Never Once Seen His Face – Holmes Neighbor – No Lights Ever On Even At Night 


He Just Moved In There – James Holmes Apartment Manager 


James Holmes was Looking for New Apt 9 days before Shooting – Acting Normal 


James Holmes Neighbor "Feels like he was set up" 


Something is Very Seriously Wrong Here Aurora Mayor Steve Hogan on James Holmes 


James Holmes Didn't Have Orange Hair Days Before Shooting Says Jackie Mitchell




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