Some people wonder why I would even bother to track the story about the Chinese vessels as mentioned in the first article I wrote in this group.  Perhaps a bit of background would be helpful.

About 9 months ago or maybe more I had the opportunity to visit some friends in Colorado who live near Boulder.  This was also the same trip where I did an impromptu but rather extensive and well received video interview with Marshall Vian Summers up in the Colorado mountains.

My friends had generously offered to drive me to the airport in the early morning for my flight the day I was departing.  But not being great at waking up early and not wanting to put them out by making them also wake up very early I decided to stay at a hotel nearby the Denver airport.  In retrospect, not the wisest decision to make for an intuitive or sensitive, but there it is.

I found a hotel very close to the airport and my friends ldropped me off that night.  It was clean and relatively new.  I was on perhaps the 4th floor if memory serves.  There were probably 7 floors in total to the building.

I went to sleep quickly that night and slept well until sometime in the very early morning hours when I experienced a dream/vision that was frighteningly real.

In the dream, I was in what appeared to be the same building where I had gone to sleep, but I was with a group of people.  There was a sense that we were “freedom fighters” or something of that sort and we were hiding out inside the very room where I was sleeping.  It seemed to be sometime in the future  as the building no longer seemed as “new” as it was then.

Down below on the street we looked out the window and could see Chinese troops surrounding the building.  There appeared to be no escape.  

The group I was with were extremely terrorized by this and the very clear mesage came through to me that “they” meaning the U.S. government had “let them in”. The understanding was that those who had been in charge of the U.S. had allowed the Communist Chinese to come in and they were systematically taking over our country.

The feeling was one of being trapped and of great sadness.  I woke up sweating and feeling physically very unwell.  And I was very angry.

Now I realize that this may only be a possible reality.  

But this dream/vision is why I am paying attention to such goings on right now.  Of possible so-called “joint” excercises between the U.S. Navy and the Chinese and questioning what might really be going on here.

I recently have heard that the Chinese are going to have a lot to do with the revaluation of the dinar.  And that they are also heavily invested in the U.S. dollar.  I also know that land has been sold to China within the U.S. and other countries that perhaps should not have been.

I have nothing against the great civilization of China.  Or against the Chinese people.  But I do not want to see the Communist Chinese insinuate themselves into the leadership of this country.  And I do see the U.S. as the last battle ground for freedom on this planet.  I believe this is where we must make a stand to see that the New World Order does not come to pass and this is where that hope must be held on to.

So while I see groups who are fighting for the right things such as a return to a true constitution and the real ideals of liberty and equality for all, I also see that freedom fighters are currently making deals with foreign governments, in order to break the hold of the Bush cabal.  But I do not wish to see one cabal replaced by another even more insidious and repressive regime.  I will stand up and be counted if that’s what it takes to turn the tide.  I see no reason to make deals with the devil in order to hold on to what freedom there is left.

Some may feel that freedom is a thing of the past here in the states.  But I see it differently.  I see it lives in the hearts and minds of a people who grew up with this as their creed and their conviction.

So I will continue to watch and report on the goings on here in this country of various foreign goverments who are being brought in to police the people because this government knows full well that when push comes to shove our soldiers, our brothers and sisters will not turn against their own people and strike them down when they rebel against tyranny.  We know Russian and Chinese troops are being gathered in secret in Canada and Mexico.  We feel the noose tightening.  My only question is when is this going to break.  This uneasy truce between the old guard and the rising newly awakened masses.  When.


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