I have been given the following information from a source reporting direct info from an intel agency source.  This contact is saying the army is going to be tasked with spreading a virus here in the U.S. starting around October 22nd.  The virus is said to be a combination of Ebola and an HIV-like virus (as it was described to me).  Possibly using chemtrails. 

Along these lines, back during the summer we had word that in October there would be a planned virus release in the U.S.  At that time, I don’t believe we were told what the virus would be composed of… this source was vetted by close contacts and found to be a solid source.  

As it happens, this appears to corroborate the new information mentioned above.  At the time, a few months ago, word was that the vaccine would be worse than the actual virus.  I don’t know if this still applies to the above.

I would prefer not to post this sort of information.  I am only doing so in order to give people some advance notice so that they can be aware of this possibility in order to prepare.  I believe many efforts to release various viruses have been taken off track.  Sometimes simply because the relationship between humans and viruses is not understood and we are not as vulnerable as the PTB would have you believe.  You don’t simply get something and have no choice in the matter.  

I firmly believe (as an intuitive healer) that we either allow or deny access to our bodies by viruses.  My views of sickness in general are by no means the norm.  In a sense, I see any virus as a kind of thought form not unlike a programming meme and one that is particularly ‘sticky and incidious’ but nonetheless can be avoided with the right mind set.

In this scenario information like this can sow seeds in the minds of the recepient that can lay ground for the acceptance.  By the same token, you also have the very real ability to shield yourself against incoming viruses of all kinds.  Certainly the chemtrails have been proven to contain multiple possible agents of destruction to health and well being on many levels.  Yet, these also, can be transmuted and transformed. The most obvious and basic understanding of this can be found in the experiments by Masaru Emoto with water that are now world famous.  If you can affect water with your mind then you have that same ability to affect air, earth and fire elements.  This is just basic understanding that we are all energy beings.

It is up to you to recognize how fully you can command your body to recognize and reject any interference.  The body is actually the last level of access.  All sickness enters through other higher levels.  It is all light and energy in the end.  Your frequency is the only thing they are really attacking.  And through meditation, superfoods, and sunlight and other healing elements, earth, plant life and so on you can maintian health in the face of this sort of threat.


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