Don Gifford

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Bio – written by Don Gifford

Donald Gifford 


Born 4/16/1959  Greeley Colorado.


As a teenager after experiencing several incidents of unconsciousness, Don was checked into a hospital in Boulder Colorado.  It was there that they discovered Don was a primary Delta brainwave.  This was not revealed to him till the age of 24 after coming back from six years in the USAF.  His mother explained that she did not want him to feel different, but felt he should know now that he was old enough.


At the age of nineteen Don had his first near death experience during complications from a tonsillectomy. His first surgery being over four hours and the second emergency surgery was almost five hours.  It was in the second surgery that Don experienced his first NDE after complications from hemorrhaging. It was in the first NDE that Don was shown the future.  


In the year 2004 Don kept having visions of a white liquid appearing above his head and pouring into his mouth as he stood nude in a void.  During this time Don was ill with a virus from mosquitoes, eight months into this illness he experienced his second NDE.  Upon waking from his second NDE he came to Ormus the white liquid and self realization of what exists within all of us.  


Don is a dreamer and witness's what is called the code and sacred geometry.  He has documented his visions and dreams through drawings.  He believes he is seeing the progression of mankind's consciousness and what we are waking up to.