05/18/2012 – Douglas Hagmann


Douglas Hagmann

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Bio taken from coasttocoastam.com

Douglas Hagmann is the Director of the Northeast Intelligence Network and the CEO of Hagmann Investigative Services, Inc.  He has 20 years of experience performing investigations in the private sector for many Fortune 500 companies and is a well known surveillance specialist.  He is the author of Tactical Surveillance , a training manual for investigators who perform covert surveillance assignments.

Hagmann has received certification in Email Tracing, Internet Profiling, and Threat Assessment in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.  He is also a graduate of the Laboratory of Forensic Science and is certified in Bloodstain Pattern Analysis.  He has been used as an operational asset by federal law enforcement and various police departments.  Following the attacks of September 11, 2001, Hagmann began using his investigative skills and training to fight terrorism as an unpaid volunteer from the private sector and established The Northeast Intelligence Network, monitoring terrorist websites so that another 9/11 could be avoided.