07/05/2011 – Stealing and reposting of our Elenin Conference footage

July 5, 2011

Stealing and reposting of our Elenin Conference footage

It has come to our attention that our conference footage is currently being stolen and reposted on various venues including Youtube, where I have what is called a Director's Channel. The individual doing this has taken down the footage upon my request after I reported this copyright infringement to YouTube. But there are other sites that have nefariously obtained our footage and are continuing to post it without our consent. This is a call-out requesting them to cease and desist from this act.

What many people do not clearly understand or appreciate is the long hours and tremendous work on the part of myself and my technical team (Tommy and Zoe) as well as that of the researchers/speakers who have spent their lives in these investigations, that I am attempting to bring to the public in this revolutionary new format.

Although in this case the subject matter concerns a little known comet or craft, Elenin, the years of background investigations that go into supporting conclusions and well thought out theories regarding this are substantial and must be honored. Anyone who has taken the time to listen to this ground breaking nearly 5 hour video conference cannot ignore that each participant has spent years of work in their field in order to be able, in such a format, to present theories and possible conclusions and to compare and contrast with the other researchers, their findings.

Although it is fashionable on the web, for people to believe that our work should go for free far and wide in spite of the fact that such work is often fraught with danger, impediments and obstacles of every imaginable kind and requires funding just as any other endeavor of merit. We also, like all others, must put food on the table and live in shelters, pay rent and bills and so on. Pretending that we live on air alone, and do not require financial support in order to continue to investigate these areas of radical thought is absurd and vastly detrimental to the cause. I urge those reading this to reconsider and begin to contemplate just what dedicating ones life to research and investigations of this sort require in terms of ingenuity, courage and a spirit undaunted by constant unrelenting resistance.

Each researcher has had to spend their lives not only attempting to do good and solid work but must also battle such things in this case for example as death threats, subtle pressure from peers and opponents both public and private, everyday concerns such as maintaining health and energy regardless of the negative waves of criticism (for going against the matrix of conventional thought) and much much more. It is a wonder that these individuals manage to stay the course in the face of all odds.

I know all of this not as a matter of detached observation, but because I too have experienced it. Let me say this. Many people heavily and without remorse criticize the lack of technical expertise for example of our filming techniques and lack of equipment all the while never realizing that we are operating on very little if any, financial support of any kind. My team and I are working around the clock on keeping Camelot afloat and a cutting edge concern. The necessity of continuing this investigation and reporting of what is a growing story, involving a very dark cabal of forces arrayed against the advancement of humanity while also documenting and augmenting the force of good and light is paramount. It is not something one can walk away from. Yet at every juncture there are pervasive forces being assembled to make staying the course nearly impossible.

Regardless of the above. We will continue.

We have several conferences being currently organized on absolutely fascinating topics and researchers being selected to come together in this unusual public and virtual format known as the Camelot Roundtable, to share their insights. See below for more detail on this.

This is an ongoing area of expansion but the cost of the Livestream channel is prohibitive. Without continued funding by way of ticket sales more conferences will be impossible.

I have only paid until the end of July and will not be able to continue this unless we are able to raise the funding through ticket sales to pay the speakers and technical team as well as fund Camelot so I can continue to devote hours of my time necessary to pull off just one of these events.

Feel free to distribute the above on forums and sites. Special thanks to all those who have donated during the years and paid for our conferences now and in the past. It is your contributions that have made this work possible.

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